Saturday, 24 March 2018

Feeding 2 People for £20 Back in 2015

 This library book that I collected last week got me remembering a post I did in January 2015 on the old blog.   ..............a purely theoretical look at how to feed 2 people for £20 for a week.

The parameters I set were HERE
I was imagining someone without a garden or access to markets or yellow sticker produce and only able to go to 2 shops. The cupboards were bare except for just a few things including tea and/or coffee.

Old post in italics

So..........£20 to spend/ 2 shops/only a few things in the cupboard/3 meals a day + snacks

My £20 shopping list using the My Supermarket comparison website for Tesco and Aldi

500g value cooking bacon 80p
750g.value beef mince £2.69
400g sausage meat £1
1kg value porridge oats 75p
454g value milk powder £1.15
250g.value butter 95p
250g value baking fat 39p
1.5kg bread flour 75p
1.5kg SR flour 45p
yeast 59p
value eggs (15) £1.25
1kg value rice 40p
value spaghetti 20p
2½ kg potatoes £1.15
celery 69p
1kg carrots 55p
1kg value onions 79p
pkt value mashed potato 28p
2 tins value baked beans 48p
2 tins value tomatoes 68p
2 tins value peas 42p
pkt value stuffing mix 15p
jar value mayo 40p
jar value marmalade 27p
bag of value apples 89p
bag of value pears 89p
from the cupboard mixed sweet spices and curry powder, sugar, stock cubes, sunflower oil, salt and pepper, tea and coffee for drinks.

This makes
3 loaves bread to have for lunches and toast for breakfast if needed
porridge for breakfasts / and or the toast
some homemade spice biscuits for snacks 
bread and marmalade pudding for one dessert if you need it
main meals
  a bacon/onion quiche feeding 2 people for 2 days,
 a pan full of beef mince/tinned tomatoes/onion/carrot/porridge oats mix to  make 2 portions spag- bol,  2 portions shepherds pie (using the packet of mash to make the potatoes last all week and probably into next week too) and 4 portions to freeze for  2 days next week 
half the sausage meat/half stuffing mix/grated apple/shortcrust pastry makes a sausage plait for 2 portions with veg and some for lunches
a vegetable curry using onions, carrots potatoes and celery
A scalloped potato meal with a little bacon in for flavouring

That's 7 main meals all served with some of the veg either tinned or carrots. I would prefer frozen peas to tinned but that is a bigger outlay.
lunches of 
vegetable soup -twice                          }                     
beans on toast                                       }            With a small piece of fruit each to follow - 
scrambled egg on toast                         }             half a pear or apple each
poached egg on toast                            }              depending on how many were in the pack
bacon sandwich                                    }
sausage plait with grated carrot salad   }

 There would be several things left so that the next week it would be possible to buy
a chicken and cheese instead of the meat
different breakfast cereal instead of porridge for variety
some dried fruit and more veg instead of some of the other buys

The rest of this post is HERE with what people said and also why I wasn't very happy with my menu plan.

So here we are March 2018 and a book with weekly budget menus is in my home - and it got me thinking and planning and researching and finding how prices have changed in 3 years and then getting a bit cross with the book!

To be continued Monday...........................................


1st PS...... Went to Hospital yesterday for results of  his CT scan and stem cell sampling................There may be problems. Back next week for a biopsy.............No light at the end of the tunnel yet...........hours more treatment ahead.

2nd PS....... Thank you for comments on second-hand shopping yesterday. I'd love to say I never buy new but I don't fancy secondhand knickers!!


  1. I love this speaks to my desire to spend as little as possible on food.

  2. Second hand underwear No thanks! And how prices have gone up!!!!!
    Gutted by the possible bad news and sending love.
    J xxx

  3. Really looking forward to your views on Home Ecomnomics and hearing which bits made you cross. I was concerned that not everyone would have the well-stocked storecupboard needed to keep the weekly budget down. But oh goodness the hospital results sound worrying. Good luck with the hours of treatment ahead.

  4. What an interesting post and just shows how it can be done if you need to. I noticed how prices have gone up! It is a shame that there aren't "life" classes at school where teenagers with no academic aspirations (how tactful was that?!!) are taught how to manage a home, how to budget, what proper food is and how to make simple things and not be scared of vegetables!

    Sorry to hear that Col's health is having a blip and hoping it is temporary.

    1. Every one needs to 'manage a home' & should have guidance classes to help make choices. It's a skill learned whatever the person's abilities and background :)

  5. Fingers tightly crossed as ever for the future.

    Interesting post on economical meals & budgeting - I'm always annoyed when the cost of a portion of something luxurious (eg fancy oil) is quoted & called reasonably priced, because you need to buy the whole very expensive bottle/pack in the first place but have no means of saving up for it.

  6. Your price list from 2015 shines a light on just how much food costs have gone up. I notice that in the US, it isn't easy to buy small quantities of some food items and even if you find them, the cost per serving is usually quite high. Look forward to your comparison. Sending prayers over the Pond for both of you as Colin faces more treatment.

  7. They used to teach Home Economics/Domestic Science in some schools, I don't suppose they do that these days. Really interesting post. I like the variety of meals and the way you managed to include a pudding and biscuits. I do like the way these books stimulate our thoughts, especially when they are at odds with what we know.

    I am sorry you are both having to go through so much. Best wishes.

  8. So sorry to hear that Colin is not out of the woods yet. Everything crossed for him! Hope you can get some joy from this weekend. Carole.

  9. Sorry to hear Col may have further treatment ahead. Toay I am narrowing a duvet cover to king size and then ai may try doing it to the duvet! Thanks as always for an interesting post.

  10. Hi Sue, sorry to hear that there is no definite positive news for Colin yet, you are both in my thoughts with love xxx Mo

  11. Sorry to hear that Col has yet more treatment to endure. My fingers are firmly crossed that the light at the end of the tunnel will get nearer ... soon.

    You'd think a £20 meal plan should be a relatively simple thing to work out. But the only way to do it is to forget about snacks and extras and not to mind having quite a few meals repeated during the course of the week. My best Live Below the Line five day plan was when I just had the same for breakfast, lunch and tea each day. When you are short of cash unfortunately variety and choice are the first things that go out of the window. It's always an interesting project to do though, I look forward to your post on Monday.

  12. Thinking of you and Col and hoping that the upcoming treatment has positive results.

  13. Thinking HARD for you both. Just shows that looking back only makes you cross!! x

  14. Sorry to hear about Col maybe needing more treatment. Thinking of you both and praying for a successful outcome. XXXXX

  15. Your post reminds me of my grandparents who only had to eat what they grew or raised on their farm. No running to the store for them. Those were hard times.

    I hope your husband has good news on his health. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. I don't buy underthings second hand either! It's easy to forget that bit when crowing about my buying habits!

    Thank you for the interesting look at how to meal plan on a restricted budget. This is a reasonable plan. I found one free ebook on the internet that purported to be for low-income cooking, and in fact was recommended by a government program on overcoming poverty (USA). It made extensive use of bought herbs, flavoured oils, and other special ingredients, and I was left scratching my head over who thought that was an achievable plan.

    Wishing you better news soon on your husband's health. You two must be feeling ground down to a stub. Take one step at a time, and try to find something good in every day. As if you didn't already know that :)

  17. Keeping you and Col in my thoughts!

    I wish I could get some of those prices. We were discussing the difference between food prices in US and England on my English Food list (we're all Brits living in the US) and there are a lot of things that are quite expensive over here. I miss greengrocers. Sigh.

    I hope you and Col enjoy your weekend.

  18. jenny_o has put it beautifully. You must wonder how much longer you have to keep showing a cheerful face when you must be feeling so ground down by events.
    I hope that there are a few moments in each day when something else distracts you and makes you both smile. Today is a gorgeously sunny day. May it be shining on you both where you are. Sue

  19. I remember it well. There was a thread on blogland asking people to take part. I wrote a plan down and it would have been possible but quite boring. Ininlyvdoend £25 a week but I've built up a decent stock in my freezer and cupboards.

  20. Determinedly sending positive vibes to will Col to keep up the fight. We're still on our £14 for two per week but do have our store cupboard and freezer. It's beginning to become trickier to get variety though. x

  21. Sending healing thoughts that this is only a small set back for Col.

    I love seeing how people feed their families for less. Would the total change much now?

    God bless.

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