Monday, 4 February 2019

A Doughnut in Diss

Having been all round the 10 charity shops in Stowmarket without finding a single jigsaw puzzle that appealed to me, a trip elsewhere was needed. (And here I need to apologise to two people who have given me jigsaw puzzles recently that were just too complicated for me to consider in my present "lack of patience" mode)
So a trip North to Diss which has just as many charity shops as Stowmarket and maybe even more. I know Diss fairly well - even though it's in Norfolk! because whenever Col was inspecting bridges in the villages of north Suffolk he would drop me off there for a look round and pick me up later.
Into every charity shop  - even found one I didn't know about before -  and at last found a puzzle that looked OK, another by House of Puzzles but not a spot the difference .

But there was a problem, because while searching for a puzzle I needed a coffee and snack in Greggs

 looking out over The Mere. People feed the ducks which attracts every pigeon for miles!

I hadn't ever wondered how the Mere got there so thought I'd better look it up and this is what I found...............

"The six acre mere - or lake - is a favourite destination for anglers fishing for carp, crucian carp and tench. It was once used as a reservoir and drain by the residents of the market town, but today it's a pleasant place to feed the ducks.
The mere is up to 60 feet deep in places, with forty feet of mud. This natural water feature dates back about 12,000 years to the end of the Ice Age."

And while searching for a puzzle I kept getting side tracked and came home with a haul

 OK, OK...... yes there is another jug (99p) but I haven't bought a jug for months and I said no more craft stuff (25p)but this is a bloke card kit and cards for men are the hardest and of course there are always grandchildren books(3 for £1) and a Bertie Bus (£1)....Willow needs some boys toys I reckon. But why oh why was I tempted by that book.(2.99) Just because of reading C.J. Sansom's Tombland and getting interested in the period again. What I should have done was noted down the title and borrowed it from the library. The only totally sensible buys were another good length tunic top for £3.75 and the jigsaw for £2

Ho Hum

It WAS a good morning out until I got within 2 miles from home and might have been going too fast past a B* speed detector van AGAIN. The B* thing was facing the wrong way(checking cars heading out of the 30 mph limit rather than those coming in) just a few metres inside the bit where 50mph goes down to 30mph while going downhill, where it's difficult to slow down without jamming on the brakes. I shall await the postman with fear AGAIN for another 2 weeks.

Back Tomorrow
PS  Took a jug I like less than the new one and 2 books to the charity shop...... See the halo! 😇


  1. I love Greggs for a treat occasionally, very affordable as well. When I used to make cards I always found it difficult to find bits suitable for male ones.

    1. If you download the Greggs app on your phone you get a free welcome coffee. I also downloaded the Krispy Kreme app as you get a free welcome donut, so the two combined was my shopping treat last week! Worth checking out the various apps for food outlets. You also get birthday treats. Savannah.

  2. If I'd been in the CS before you you wouldn't have needed to resist that jug.

  3. The halo shines brightly - well done.
    (and fingers crossed for the speed thingy - such a pain!)

  4. Looks like you found some bargains. Happy memories of sitting by the Mere last year watching the birds and drinking my coffee. Love the jug. I too am awaiting one of Those Letters as I suspect I was caught by a speed camera on my long trip up to Norfolk last week (how I hate those Mway sections with variable speed limits)

  5. Diss mere is a lovely spot but the water is treacherous. I lived happily in the town for several years and have fond memories. There were lots of charity shops in those days and a lovely fabric shop.

  6. Make mine a triple chocolate cookie at Greggs please! I like the coffee if I am out and about and it’s much more reasonable than the big chain coffee shops. Lovely haul as usual, Sue, and well done on donating two items as well.

  7. My type of jug with a childish drawing on it. Like Living Simply, I too have difficulty in finding card making things for men/boys, both of those would have come home with me too.

    My husband was caught twice in Wales for speeding, the first time he went on the course and the second time he paid the fine and had three points on his licence. My daughter has also been caught twice, but with her she went on the course both times. I don't know why it was different.

  8. Glad you had a nice time in Diss and got a few bargains. I loved the puzzle, it's the same make as my new one (house of Puzzle) except yours is 1000 they are just a little bit different to other puzzles enjoy if.
    Our snow has all gone and have rain instead but it's certain a lot warmer. My grandson brought me a pot of very, very small daffodils which when finished will be able to go in the garden.
    Hazel c uk

  9. Loving the halo! You can always put the book in your car boot box after you read it. Hoping the speed camera missed you.

  10. I like jigsaw puzzles if I am in the mood for them. Have you ever tried this site?

    You can do jigsaw puzzles online, and it is free. It's not the same as a real puzzle, but I think it's fun!

  11. A couple of weeks ago I hit the jigsaw puzzle jackpot. After no luck at one thrift store, I headed to another one I've been meaning to try. I got 11 of my favorite type of puzzles for $20. It is rare for me to find even one I like much less 11! And a great price. I should be set for winter!

  12. Really you have a lovely haul there. Books are always needed.

    God bless.

  13. Don't beat yourself up for buying stuff that you like and serves a purpose. I'm sure you're not breaking the bank and you are being very thrifty in the long run.

  14. Love the jug, I would have picked that up to. I would also have picked the card making stuff up too it is hard to find male toppers cheap.

  15. Smashing haul. I like the jigsaw.
    I used to loathe making cards for men and I wasn't very fond of making cards for babies either.
    Hope you didn't get caught by the speed detector.

  16. I've always found male cards the hardest. Great ideas on Pinterest though.

  17. That is a cute little jug , I would have bought it too.
    When I see a book I like now, I just take a photo with my camera and reserve it at the library.Plenty of books you want to read but not keep.
    Charity shops are such fun to poke about in, you never know what you might find.

  18. So many charity shops! I'd be in heaven! I'd probably also have less money in my purse . . .

    I absolutely love that jug. A bit of whimsy in the kitchen!

  19. I gather that Greggs is a coffee shop chain? We have some nice independent coffee shops around here but it's nice to find a familiar place when you're in a new area. Great haul! We love the Peppa Pig series here on TV - of course we're crazy for British accents.

  20. I have a brilliant charity shop minutes from my front door that acts as my walk-in wardrobe. I wouldn’t dream of traipsing into town and buying new stuff.
    You can’t beat Greggs and their £1.80 coffee.

  21. Your halo is gleaming nicely ... I love the colour of your new top 🙂