Thursday, 14 February 2019

St. Valentine

There was probably more than one St Valentine, but one of them was a 3C martyr and not much is known about him but there is an undisputed history of people celebrating on this day going back 600 years. Chaucer wrote, sometime between 1376 and 1382, a poem telling how birds choose their mates on St Valentines Day each year and this day was supposed to be the first day of spring in many places. Later the link was made to people choosing a mate on this day too but  no real connection with  St Valentine.
Valentine cards appeared in the 19C and were elaborate or romantic, comic or rude. Rude ones sent as a joke among the working classes were the cause of the celebration of this day going out of fashion through Victorian times, coming back into popular fashion in the second half of the 20th century. Now  the cards are in the shops just after Christmas and everything is sold, from teddies to cakes, with a heart featuring on it and every shop has a Valentine window and florists charge a fortune for roses (cynical ........ moi?).

I found just a couple of weather sayings in my books

To Saint Valentine the spring is a neighbour

Valentine's Day breaks the back of winter 

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  1. I don't 'do' Valentine's day but a lot of folk have a lovely time celebrating and that's lovely.
    Cynical? Maybe, but if you are, so am I! :-) You don't need to spend loads to celebrate love.

  2. Enrol me in your Cynical Club please! To me Valentines Day was my Dad's birthday, he would have been 102 today. Still miss him.

    1. It's my husband's birthday today, which means that we never go out for a celebratory meal, as everywhere is full to bursting of couples being charged outrageous prices for ordinary grub. On the plus side, the confused look on the face of our postman as he hands me a fist-full of cards for my man is priceless! He must think I am married to George Clooney!

  3. I think, as Joan writes above, the Cynical Club might be a fairly large group. The consumer hype is enough to send me running for the hills (helps not to watch tv). Instead, I'll wish you happy thoughts of spring.

  4. We should start a club, it is not for me been overcharged for flowers that were half the price the day before.

  5. I'm okay with it breaking the back of winter!

  6. I agree with Bonnie , it’s lovely when you can feel spring on its way xx

  7. My brother died suddenly and unexpectedly in Wales on 18 January and I had to fly back from France (first to be with him in his final days and then for the funeral) in Conwy. My one niece wanted a single rose to put on her uncle's casket (the funeral was on 8 February) and we had a heck of a time getting one for her because, as was explained to my sister, the florists hold them all back for Valentine's Day - so count me in the cynical group too please. Love your blog by the way. Anna

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