Saturday, 13 July 2019

Another Saturday

And another Saturday round up from the end of the lane

The first Hollyhocks from the mini cutting garden and a chance to use my Big Jug.

I'm very disappointed by these, out of the dozen plants I bought, these are the only ones to flower and they all have rust disease.
 Half an hour after taking this photo the whole lot were drooping, so I googled and found I should have conditioned them first by filling up their hollow stems with water and plugging the bottom with cotton wool. A bit too "faffy" for me for cut flowers! I'm going to move them all out of the cut flower garden in the Autumn into the quarter circle flower garden and try something else for cut flowers.  I Live and Learn!

I've had a funny ol' week. Starting Sunday morning  feeling under the weather and wading through treacle (not literally.... obviously)  and so cold on Tuesday. I got all the grass cut with ride on and small mowers and my usual weekly swim - but had to have frequent rests. Tired, aching and getting more lethargic as the week progressed but it's given me time to watch lots of tennis (and read).
I'm very excited about being able to watch the cricket world cup final on TV. Colin loved cricket and listened to TMS on radio whenever he could, he would have so enjoyed being able to see the final. I shall watch it on his behalf and "tell" him about it.

I've been really lax at commenting on other folks blogs....apologies......mainly because I try not to look at lap top screen after 7 or 8pm  and lots of people post in the evenings so I don't see them until next morning when it seems almost too late to comment especially if other people have already written what I would have said anyway!

This week I'm grateful for.............
Food in the cupboard and freezer so I didn't have to go shopping all week
Raspberries and vegetables from the garden for the same reason.

 Hope everyone has a good weekend. I really have to pop out for shopping today, still no energy but once I'm home again I can stay at home for several days.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather some times you feel grotty for no apparent reason - you might be fighting off some virus so I hope you win and it comes to nothing.

  2. These anonymous viruses can be a right nuisance, can't they. If it continues, maybe it might be worth thinking about a visit to the GP - just to rule stuff out (like being a bit aenemic).
    There's plenty of tennis to watch and enjoy.

  3. So sorry you are still feeling under the weather. It was my birthday yesterday and had lots of nice cards, my daughter came round and did some vacuuming for me (I do the dusting) had phone calls especially for one I had not spoken to for a long time, and then a knock on the door (6.0'clock )and it was my grandson and his GF which was a lovely surprise.
    It looks like rain here which is a shame for Stewkley have there village show.
    Hope you have a nice weekend Sue and enjoy the cricket.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Hooray! At last, something in our garden you haven't got the better of. Our hollyhocks aren't out yet, but they're 4 feet tall and have good flower buds. Possibly because, knowing about susceptibility to rust, I zapped them with rose spray about a month ago.
    Also, I find that not looking at computer until later in day does wonders for getting on with things and getting them done. Oh dear, 09.35, that's today wasted already.

  5. It's a b***er isn't it when you don't feel up to par and can't put your finger on why? Hopefully it will soon pass.

    I used to be a tennis-addict, couldn't get enough, even been to Wimbledon a few times. Now, apart from yesterday when I watched a small part of Federer and Nadal I can't remember when I last saw any tennis.

    Take it easy and enjoy the cricket.

  6. I'm sorry you're still not feeling great Sue.
    Take it easy over the weekend.

  7. I too will be watching the cricket with fond memories that of my much miss father who patiently taught me the rules of cricket may, may years ago as a youngster on his knee as he watched test cricket on the BBC (oh how I miss test cricket on free tv). He would have loved the newer formats of the game that give all the qualities of cricket, intreg, excitement, respect for a good bowler or batsman but finish in one day so that you can get on with the rest of your week/weekend. Miss you Dad gone 31 years this year but still as strong in the memory and heart as always.

  8. I have rust on my Hollyhocks too - the only one that didn't, and was about to flower, I managed to knock the top of it - stupid woman I am! I see rose spray will zap the rust (many thanks for that tip Tasker Dunham).

    Sounds like you have some sort of bug but resting and watching tennis etc is what your body needs to get back on an even keel again. I am guilty of NOT listening to my body, but I have had to yesterday when I was trying to cut back on the steroids too soon and got ill again. It's the 3 hrs sleep a night that gets to me after a week of it and I try to lower the course too quickly.

    Well done with your garden produce - all I have managed so far is some vases of flowers, but there is ONE runner bean!!

  9. To still master swimming and lawns seems that you are not too bad. I would have been confined totally indoors to my chair had it been me. But as it was I was still confined to my indoors or the theatre or the cinema because that was what I felt like, and a jigsaw, a language book, and the new Sebastian Faulks. All in all sometimes a lazy week is what it takes. It is also the Full Moon.

  10. When was your last check up? Sounds like you need another opinion for a doc on what's wrong.

  11. Is it a bug or perhaps, the Black Dog? Whatever the case, thinking Marcia might have the right idea. Check in with your doctor. Take care. Thinking of you.

  12. I do hope you feel better very soon. If not like others have said a trip to the physician would be a good idea.

    God bless.

  13. Your hollyhocks looked pretty in that nice vase, even if was for only a little while. I always plant some zinneas for cutting flowers. They're so bright and happy looking. Hope you feel better soon Sue!

  14. We had a row of hollyhocks along our wall when I lived at home. I remember that they were always full of ants.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  15. I have never been able to grow them because of the "rust" disease.