Wednesday, 17 July 2019

First Tomatoes............At Last

Weeks after the first cucumbers and aubergines I have red tomatoes at can't be lack of warmth - the greenhouse is always several degrees warmer than outside but I do have rather too many plants with too many leaves keeping out the light.

The Very Large tomato is called Big Mama, shaped like a large plum type but bigger than San Marzano which is what I usually grow for making chutneys. The small plum ones are Sun Grape - exactly the same size as the tomatoes in a pack of mini-plum from a supermarket. The teeny tomato - the size of a sultana - is from the outdoor Cascade plants that are in baskets on the garage wall.

 After I'd sown three different sorts of red tomato seed I decided to try a yellow fruiting variety, Ildi, thinking they would fruit earlier as it wouldn't take so long for them to ripen. Really I was too late with that plan and the plants squashed into the greenhouse got too lanky before they even produced a truss of flowers. I passed on a couple of plants to BiL - he puts tomatoes in the ground in his greenhouse which has glass right down to the ground- but his were the same.

I've now taken loads of leaves off the plants so hopefully they'll ripen better. Once they get going I'll skin the monster toms and add them to a bag in the freezer until I've got enough for Red Hot Relish. Then once the 'pointy' peppers and chilli peppers are red, that will be something else to make for the hampers........and for me.

Thank you everyone for the congrats on the Nana news, it's happy news but tinged with sadness because that new baby will be the first of the four grandchildren not able to have their photo taken with Colin. We have a couple of  Willow with him as she was born a month before he died. 

 Welcome to some new followers - hope you enjoy reading. 

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  1. Thanks for he run down of the tomato picture I am trying san marzano tomatoes in pots outside but they are really not doing very well.

  2. Grrr - mine are still green. Mind you, they are outdoor ones which as always later.
    They look wonderful - nothing like a garden grown tomato unless it is another garden grown tomato, is there. Once they get going, there's no stopping them. Enjoy.
    Does taking the lower leaves off make a big difference?

    I don't think I said so many congratulations about the good baby newss- - many, many congratulations to you and to them. Lovely news.

  3. We also have a few reddish ones developing nicely, can’t wait.

  4. Mine are still green and some plants haven't even produced flowers, would have been less work to pop to the market!

  5. Ours haven't even set yet - at 750 feet in Yorkshire.

  6. I am the same, had a few cucumbers, but the tomatoes are really behind, not expecting any red ones yet. Strange year.

  7. I still have very green tomatoes! But I live in hope :-)

    Lovely news about the new baby but I understand the sadness xxx

  8. A wonderful variety of tomatoes, mine sadly have been a failure.

  9. Sounds like you need another greenhouse to accommodate your tomatoes alone. I don't grow anything now, but have grown tomatoes in the past. The best conventional size ones I grew were in grow bags outside in a sunny part of the garden, best cherry tomatoes were in baskets against a sunny garage wall and were so prolific we got a bit fed up with them. I tried bush tomatoes once and wasn't impressed at all. The only greenhouse we had came with our first house in Devon (the first time) and all I can remember growing in it was flowers.

    There is bound to be some sadness because Colin isn't here to hold the new baby, but I'm sure you will all make the baby aware of Colin and the love he would have for him/her.

  10. Lucky you, fresh from the garden tomatoes!! Nothing tastes better.

    God bless.

  11. My tomatoes have only just started growing. Mind you they are outside ones, but in a sun trap corner nevertheless. I've got beefsteak, plum and a heritage one. The heritage one was given to me by my brother in law, but he could remember which one, so it will be a surprise.
    It's only naturally for you to feel sad that Colin won't be there for your new grandchild, it's another 'first' that has to be overcome, sending a big hug to you, Sue.