Saturday, 20 July 2019

Rushing Through July

The end of the week again and what have I been doing?  Not a Lot is the answer although I was forced to do one thing which I had been putting off...................sorting out the hosepipe.

When I tried to unroll the hosepipe to rinse off the car after giving it a much needed clean I discovered the whole thing was jammed up around the back of the massive heavy roll thing which is fixed to the wall. Last time I wound it up a loop of the hose must have fell down over the back and somehow got stuck. The pipe is so long I've never needed to unroll the whole thing and when I did get it un-jammed and pulled it right out I found out another reason the water pressure is so low out the end of the hose. The hosepipe was really went on and on and on. So I did what I've mean meaning to do for 2 years ........cut the darn thing in half.
Still long enough to get where needed and now much easier to lift the thing off for winter storage.


Surely I'm not the only person who can't remember where they were when man landed on the moon. According to all the TV coverage it's one of the great events of history and "everyone remembers where they watched it". Haven't a clue and still not bothered.

Had to have three trips to the health centre, one to get new ID for logging into their new computer system for repeat prescriptions, then when I did get online it came up with needing a prescription review so back again to see the nurse just to say Yes I am still taking these things and Yes I do still need them. And then blow me they didn't have one of the things in stock so back AGAIN to collect. Thought I might as well combine one of those journeys with the pensioners cheap meal at the Fish and chip shop in the same village. I drove straight by the chip shop on the other two trips!

The week was going well but now I need a trip to the  blinkin' dentist sometime soon as the tooth he rebuilt with a filling last year has disintegrated again, think I swallowed part of it!  He said it would  break sooner or later - might have to have it out although how I don't know as there's not much left probably be too late for capping now........oh b****r, more expense. At least it doesn't hurt as it's a tooth with no roots.


Apologies to everyone who had a advert jingle for chocolate stuck in their heads all day yesterday! and thanks for comments.

This week I'm grateful for................
News of another grandchild on the way
Feeling better than last week
Good library books

Hope you all have a good weekend.
I'm on Nana duty............ having Florence here for 24 hours while her Mummy and Daddy go to a friends wedding ................ wish me luck!

Back Monday


  1. Good luck! :-)
    Surely everyone was glued to the telly when the moon landing happened. I know we were.
    What a nuisance about the tooth. At least, if it's out, it will be no further trouble or expense.

  2. Hi I have no idea where I was when moon landing took place, didn’t have a tv back then, and not remotely interested now, what a waste of money, but that’s the Yanks for you. Hope you enjoy your time with Willow, lots of jig saws and games, and story books of course, they soon grow up.

  3. No I cannot remember where I was at the moon landing and real bother.
    I have never had a hosepipe always used the watercan which was my grandmothers but I am going to buy one for it will be easier and lighter for me. We had rain nearly all day yesterday, I have several Sunflowers out because the birds have dropped the seen, they looked lovely in the rain. Enjoy your day with Willow.
    Hazel c uk

  4. I thought I was the only one not interested in the moon landing, then and now. Think of all the problems they could have sorted out on earth with that sort of money! Husband thinks I'm mad, and is glued to all of the TV programmes. Why?????

  5. That's the best solution for that hose!

    I remember the Apollo landing but not particularly bothered about it either way! As for colonising the moon - someone can have my ticket!

    At least you are sorted with the Health Centre for another year or so. Ours is a 20 mile round trip so I would not have been best-pleased to be backwards and forwards like you have.

    Enjoy the car boot sales this weekend.

  6. I can't remember either. Although it was a great achievement I wasn't interested in it then nor am I now.

    You'd better keep some energy in reserve for looking after Florence that day otherwise she'll tire her Nanna out. An enjoyable tiredness though.

  7. It was early in the morning Sue, so like me you were probaly in bed, I watched it at school, they had a TV in the hall and we sat and watched the repeat broadcaste.

  8. I was glued to the telly at silly o'clock to watch every moon landing. NASA was my childhood hobby. Glad you sorted out your hose.

  9. Like you Sue I have no idea what I was doing during the moon landing.....I can remember other ‘great moments’ but the moon business must have passed me right by....I was a teenager and had other things on my mind lol......have a great day with Willow.....

  10. I remember it like yesterday. We were camping up near Ottawa and the manager of the campground let everyone into the office to watch it on his TV - it was packed. I was fascinated. I remember coming out of the building and looking up and seeing the moon and being amazed that there was actual humans up there.

  11. I was at school and we were all taken into the hall to watch a b&w TV that was wheeled onto the stage! I don't think at 8 years old any of us really could comprehend the scale of what we were witnessing, but I do remember the occasion.

  12. It's funny but I don't remember the moon landing either. I'm sure we must have done something about it at school.
    Andy is watching every programme that is on about it and I couldn't give a fig really.
    Have a great time with Willow.

  13. Exciting times, hope you enjoy been on Nana duty.

  14. I remember because I was a 14 yr old from New Jersey, in a small French village bar, with most of those present saying the film wasn't real, "C'est impossible"! etc! Laura

  15. I can remember my Dad thinking it was amazing and going on and on about it. But where I was - blank.

  16. Having tooth problems is no fun. Just had another crown seated Thurs. 7th crown and a bridge! Sigh! Good thing we have health savings account. I remember I was packing to go to church camp July 19 when they astronauts lifted off for the moon. I was listening to it on the radio. I was 14 years old. I'm a space junkie...haha! Have a blessed weekend!

  17. Have fun with Florence, enjoy.

    I really can't remember where I was when man landed on the moon either. Since it was summer we were probably all outside, or I was working.

    God bless.

  18. I remember being allowed to walk home and watching the snowy black and white picture as it must have been the middle of the day in Australia.I think you are about my age and I lost a tooth last year and though I know it was for the best and is not visible I still miss it . It did feel like an 'old people ' thing!

  19. Absolutely no clue where I was when man landed on the moon .. funny thing though .. I do remember where I was when I heard Walt Disney died.

    Congrats on the coming tiny one! They add such delight to one's life!

  20. I can remember because I have, somewhere, a photo of me nursing my firstborn in my neighbor's apartment as we watched the landing. If not for the photo, I doubt I would have remembered either.

  21. You remind me of how my mum was when my kids were little. Forever picking them up amazing things from boot sales and charity shops! I went to the mid-week boot sale here and got some great finds. My favourite was a pair of Clarks Springers sandals which fit perfectly and are so comfy for £2. Very happy!