Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Looking Back at the July Finances

Before I forget ........Hello and welcome to new followers who've clicked that button recently, hope you enjoy reading.

The July  Financial ins, outs and frugally bits

Didn't get round to doing a boot sale so the 'ins' were just the normal County Council spouses pension, repayment of loans from family and small bits of interest.

The 'outs'....................there are no utility bills due in July but the bill arrived for the electrical work done in early June.
Otherwise food for me and the cat, direct debits for phones and charity and lots of diesel for the car........with all the oil tanker problems in the Straits of Hormuz (pushed out of the news by BoJo) I'm keeping my car topped up with diesel all the time..........just in case!

 Other expenses..........
 I sent for an early Christmas present for Willow............sand/water pit and bag of play sand, it's an early present so it can be used for the rest of this summer. I did exactly the same for Jacob and  Florence - have to treat them all alike!
Toys for grandchildren from car boot sales, few books for me ditto.
While in Woodbridge to sort out a building society account I bought myself another pair of Joseph Siebel slip on sandals ready for when the ones I wear all the time indoors eventually fall apart. They are the only things that are comfortable without arch supports which I have to use in all my other shoes, although Crocs are OK for a short while.
First part of dental treatment had to be paid for - they don't let you out without paying.....just in case you don't go back I guess, wish I didn't have to go back!

Any Frugal things?
Home-made walnut and basil pesto but without cheese.
  • Eating from the garden/greenhouse: - Last of the strawberries; raspberries, cucumbers, aubergines, potatoes, green beans, courgettes, chard, first tomatoes, parsley, basil, chives.
  •  Found a tee-shirt from car boot for £1 
  • Still using bread-maker to make small loaves of bread.
  • Still mixing milk half and half with water.
  • First tomatoes into the freezer for chutney
  • Reading free library books and books from my shelves
  • Mange-tout peas into the freezer
  • Not going out

Still clearing out..............
Why had I got a pack of very old shoe padded inserts in the cupboard - mens size? ......into the bin they went.
3 books to charity shop and few into the cupboard ready for boot sale and two more to the Ziffit pile.
One of grandchildren's' high chairs that I had here has gone to the wood heap and rubbish bin because it had cracked.

Soooooooo........ what's August looking like?
Only the half-year water bill due so should be a frugal sort of month but  if it carries on raining every Sunday morning I still won't get to do a boot sale with the workshop stuff.
Last year August was a really low-spend month so I'm aiming for the same again or better, especially as the Tooth Thing in the first days of September will be Very Expensive.

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  1. Eating from such a wide range of produce must save you an absolute fortune. It sounds so delicious.

  2. So impressed by your range of homegrown goodies. Empathise with you regarding dental bills. We're fortunate to have an NHS dentist, but even so, my crown was pretty costly recently.

  3. Thanks Sue, that pic reminded me I have a third of a jar of pesto in the fridge that needs chicken pesto pasta will be dinner tonight.

  4. Sadly I have had to shut down my veg section of the garden due to health reasons but I really do miss having my own veg to eat.

  5. Well July sounds like a good frugal month, and with August on track to be even better you should be well in control of those finances.

    Fingers crossed for a good carbooting day sometime in August. That would really help. I always find workshop type things pull the customers over.

  6. Another good job on keeping monthly expenses down. I have to think the best part is how much better your homegrown fruit and veg tastes compared to what is sold in the stores. It is so frustrating buying fruit that looks pretty, but ends up having no flavour.

  7. Just seeing whether my comments are showing up.
    Hazel c uk

  8. Sorry Sue for above comment.
    Hazel c uk

  9. You have a wonderful selection of produce that you grow, Sue. It tastes so much better too, doesn't it? Hope the weather is kind for you, so the car boot can be done :)

  10. What wonderful produce you have gotten from the greenhouse this month.

    God bless.