Saturday, 3 August 2019

Another Week and Another Saturday

I felt sorry for villages with fetes and other outdoor events planned last weekend because after The Week of Heat Saturday and Sunday in Suffolk were wet, wet, wet. So no boot sales.(Although that's hardly a concern when looking at the dreadful flooding in parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire, living by a river with hills surrounding no longer seems attractive)

On the way to Son and DiL's for Sunday lunch I went round a few houses in Stowupland where they were having garage/yard sales but the weather was so awful I soon get fed up with getting in and out of the car in the wet and came away with just a few childrens books...........again...............and unsurprisingly!

Swimming didn't happen because I'd missed a little note on their holiday timetable telling everyone the pool was closed early mornings some days for Life Guard lessons. So I had to turn around and drive home again. Duh!

Grass cutting, visiting Youngest and Florence, a hair cut one morning and then lots of baking for the show, things to enter as well as cheese scones for selling on the WI stall.

 and up early this morning to pick and organise the vegetables I'm entering, right ready to take over to Bacton and set out in the marquee between 9am and 10.45. Then back later to help on the WI stall, look round the show and collect my winnings!.......Ever Hopeful 🤞🤞

This week I am grateful for
  • The fun of entering a produce show
  • Good books to read
  • An hour chatting with Col's Sister and Brother.
  • Time to stand and stare at butterflies
Thanks to Patricia's comment yesterday so that I know we weren't the only people to say Cow Mumble for Hogweed  and thank you  for all the butterfly comments, a really good year for them and I managed to photograph a Red Admiral yesterday to add to the collection

And a two for the price of one photo

Have a lovely weekend folks, I'll be back on Monday


  1. Hope you have a good day at the Fete and the weather stays good. Our village has been closed this week for road works so we have had no buses until today so no doubt it will be busy today. Hope you have a good week Sue.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Best of luck with your entries at the Bacton Fayre.

  3. Have a lovely weekend. Good luck with your show entries, hope you win.

  4. Off on a vacation week at a NewYork lake with daughters and their families. Three granddaughters together at one time. What fun we'll have.

    1. Have a love time although you may need another holiday afterwards!

  5. Hope you did well with your entries for the fair.

  6. Beautiful day here. 24C, just went to Attleborough; hope the veggies win some rosettes.

  7. Hope you do well with your entries!

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed that you do well with your entries.

    God Bless.

  9. We have the National Eisteddfod just up the road from us, so we had our fingers crossed for the rains to stop ... they did, phew!!