Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Mini Corn Cobs

The other week I said my sweetcorn plants were tall, in fact over six feet tall, but with few cobs

But just a while later and the rain seems to have fattened up more cobs. These were seeds I had to send for specially as I wanted them for mini-cobs for stir frying as none of the seed catalogues or shops that I looked in had any for sale.  I've never grown this sort before so it was a bit of guesswork as to when to start harvesting. It's easier with the full size corn as you just wait for the tassels to dry and start turning brown. Anyway I squeezed a few cobs and decided to pick a few.

They were soon blanched and popped in the freezer.

I put more into the freezer yesterday making the weight up to 2¾ pound

 There are still a few more to pick and freeze or eat as they grow, so better results than I thought.

 I looked on My Supermarket and found Tesco baby corn at £1.20 for 130g, Morrisons £1 for 125g, but Asda don't have them at all.  Even with buying the seeds and cheap peat pots from QD to start them off as they don't like being moved from normal pots to the ground, I'll still have saved some money and got extra things for winter stir-fries.


I tried some fresh last night but they were a bit tough, oh dear hope the ones I've blanched and frozen will be better or I've wasted a heck of a lot of time. Maybe they need picking much earlier and smaller than I thought.

Many thanks for comments about the Art Exhibition yesterday. 

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  1. Oh what a pain after all that hard work. Fingers crossed the frozen ones are perfect!

  2. pop in stew if theyve been left to get a bit to big

  3. I have never had corn on the cob although my daughter loves them. I am very bad with trying new food not like with crafts I have fried everything when I was craft judge.
    Bit cooler today so will do a little bit gardening, I went to Stowe yesterday and and had a lovely walk.
    Hazel c uj

  4. I usually end with mini cobs even if I grow normal corn, because first frosts get here before corn has matured... I think they are best at thumb sized. But my oldest will eat any sized cobs, if they are fresh and sweet he'll eat them as they are, raw. If the core is too tough, hell' leave it uneaten. If they are not fresh, I just blanch them and he'll eat them then.
    This year my corn at least look fine, no cobs yet - but soon...

  5. It will be interesting to hear how the story develops. I always enjoyed my corn fresh off the stalk, but then I never grew enough to freeze either.

  6. I've grown normal cobs but not mini. Have you googled it to see how experts have grown, harvested and stored mini corn? Might give you some pointers Tx

  7. They do need picking quite early. When we grew them, as soon as the tassels appeared, it was picking time. Don;t give up, do have another go, because they really are lovely.

  8. After a bit of experimentation years ago I finally decided that the little tins you can buy are the cheapest and tastiest and havent tried since.

  9. Huge corn growing farms in our province. We buy corn by the cob not by weight. Right now it is 30 cents (18 British pence)a cob and they are big, DH and I share one. I would never buy corn with brown silk, it's too old!!

  10. We haven't blanched corn that we freeze, for years. It comes out perfectly fine and just cook it when you use it!

  11. I enjoyed seeing how you grow the mini corn.. I like eating it but never have seen it grown. Thanks for sharing that amazing thatched roof.. quite some experts the workman are!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Wow, I always wondered where mini corn came from. Hopefully yours are just fine.

    God bless.

  13. I've never enjoyed the taste of home grown corn cobs, maybe there's a very narrow harvesting windowm but mine have always been tough!

  14. Pickle them! They are a tasty appetizer or side. Enjoy.