Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Up Very Early...............

..........................to go and help at the small WI car boot sale. Just like last year I wondered why on earth I volunteered to get up so blinkin' early!

The lady who collects all the stuff is a keen car-booter herself and she ropes in her lodger to tow a small box trailer for our once-a-year boot sale.  I got down to Needham Market by 6.30 and Barbara and her lodger had nearly finished setting up already - although in my defence she does live about 5 miles closer to Needham than I do!

This year not many other members turned up to help and the three who did didn't stay long so I only got a quick dash round where I found, for 20p each, 4 children's cards - two birthday and two Get Well that include lots of things to do in with the card - they will come in handy for the Grandchildren in due course. Also got the animals and a Halloween cape. Then I found the Very Hungry Caterpillar for Willow at last. The little box with garden twine, row markers and a small pot was just 50p and will be part of a Christmas present.

Then, among a box of empty picture/photo frames in a box on our stall, I spotted the little embroidered picture of girl and geese in the snow, it's very old and so well stitched that I couldn't leave it.
I loved the look of  Going Gently John Gray's wall of pictures and although I've got plenty of paintings/prints/needlework, they are bigger and spread out around the house. So I'm hoping to gather some smaller pictures together somewhere.

My total spend on Saturday was £2.80 (and a pound of that was for our WI) and as always I made sure to take a flask and snack so I didn't have to go and buy anything.

Thanks everyone for comments about recycling yesterday. A topical and controversial subject and made even more complicated by so many systems in different areas.

Back Tomorrow


  1. Morning Sue, pity your WI boot sale wasn't better supported by members...perhaps they were all on holiday. You do manage to find some really good bargains, well done.

  2. I hope the trailer went home a lot emptier and the WI coffers nice and full! It's a shame there weren't more members turn up to help. Glad you managed to find some bargains though :)

  3. The embroidered picture is simply adorable. Will you keep it? I think it was worth your effort to go so early for now you have The Very Hungry Caterpillar at last! The early start gave you a good day!

  4. So glad you found the book for Willow at last and the picture is delightful. I love a bit of successful hunting!

  5. I love that little needlework picture! Well spotted :-)

  6. Nice selection of things from the car boot. I love the little needlework picture very similar to how I stitch sometimes. Pleased at last you have got the hungry caterpillar.
    Hazel c uk

  7. Hooray! The hungry caterpillar at last. I'm sure Willow will love the story as much as my children did.

  8. Finally you got The Hungry Caterpillar!!! Willow is going to love it. Sorry that more didn't show up to help.

    God bless.

  9. I haven’t as yet found a car boot sale in Ludlow, seeing your buys has certainly got me keen to start seriously searching. I love the little picture and the Hungry Caterpillar book quest is now over.


  10. Nice finds at car boot sale. I like fun and cheap items to put together for gifts. Cards are good too. We were at a car show this a.m. and old cars and pickups look great. A few had photos of what the car looked like before it was made to look new again! Warm but nice late morning. You know it's warm when you start to sweat 😓!!Have a good weekend!!