Monday, 26 August 2019

Flowers, Books and Puzzles

The Flower Festival at Crowfield church had a very unusual but clever theme......Charities. With most of the arrangements were leaflets or information about each charity.....what a good idea.

This is the paper with the charities and the flower arrangers, too small to read - apologies, the organisers haven't made the print big enough for strange people who take photos and share things on their blog!
Some of the charities named are RNIB, Cancer Research, British Lung Foundation, M.S. Alzheimers Society, Cats Protection and lots more.

Stupidly I forgot my camera so had to resort to the phone  - never as good and some were too blurred to share.

The gazebo full of second hand books didn't turn up any exciting finds.... I just picked up author often heard about but never read.

But the jigsaw puzzle stall resulted in me getting carried away with how many puzzles I might do this autumn and winter. I'm sticking to jigsaws from the House of Puzzles as their pictures are specially done for jigsaws and easier than some other companies (can't be bothered to struggle!)

Autumn and winter puzzles.............................

 Plus 2 for in between

And I had two already to do................will I really do 6 puzzles?

And even though I could have been home in 15 minutes I decided on a coffee and cake, it would have been rude not to!

 Home again and the rest of Saturday was spent in the cool of the living room with windows open and curtains closed. It's funny that in May if the sun is shining then I'm straight outside to enjoy it but by August I've finished with sitting out and prefer to keep indoors.

Change of plan for Sunday as it was too hot for a trek all the way down to Clare to spend a couple of hours walking around........ especially too hot for a pregnant mum, a toddler and a Nana! So Son, DiL and Willow came to mine instead and I went and collected a Chinese takeaway. Willow has discovered she likes noodles!

Back Tomorrow


  1. Hope you enjoy the book. I heard the author speak at our local Writers Festival. He was super interesting, quite good looking and had the most amazing crimson socks!

  2. Morning Sue, we spent our honeymoon in Clare!

  3. What a brilliant idea for a flower festival. The puzzles look great - better to have too many than not enough!

  4. My B in L came from Clare.
    There are Flower Arranging looked good and thought what a lovely idea to do Charties how lots of money was raised.
    We have a man in the market does puzzles (£2. Regardless how many pieces are in the box and he will give you a £1 back when you come back). I brought a nice one of Christmas scenes - 2 x 500 for the winter plus 4 x 500 Time of our Lives these were similar to yours but these were GIBSONS and in a blue box.
    I am watching the birds eating the plums the tree is laden.
    Have a nice day Sue.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Great idea for the flower festival, particularly as some some of the charities appear to be smaller ones. I've never read any Anthony Horowitz books, but I do love Foyles War, which he wrote.
    Great jigsaw purchases, especially like the Bless 'Em All one. Goodness me, that cake looks scrummy! Hope it tasted as good as it looked! Enjoy the Bank Holuday, Sue :)

  6. Great jigsaw collection. You will have fun. I love to visit flower festivals, there's always some super interpretations and ideas.

  7. Your photo of cake has prompted me to go and make a coffee and have a slice.

  8. Lovely photos of the church and a great haul of jigsaws.....prompted me to think about getting in to them again......

  9. I'm laughing at myself. As soon as I saw the puzzle, Bless 'Em All, I started to sing the song.

  10. I love the puzzles! Isn't it nice to sit and make a puzzle with such nice pictures on?

  11. The charity flowers remind me of St.Mary's church in Whitby, with their decorated X*** trees (too early to use that word) collecting for charity.

  12. I will have to look for that Horowitz novel. Really liked the one with magpies in the title.
    On vacation we got out a puzzle at insistence of 5 year old granddaughter even thou her mom thought would be too hard. She has an amazing eye for the colors and shapes and id a grand job helping to put it together.

  13. Those puzzles look like they are going to be joy to put together. Considering how quickly you seem to do them I actually think 6 is the perfect number for you.

    God bless.

  14. The Flower Festival looks like fun. I love puzzles, especially in the winter, and you found some nice ones. I like to have several puzzles to choose from when I'm in the mood. It sounds like you had an enjoyable outing especially the coffee and cake!

  15. Hope you found some shade in all the heat. Those puzzles look great I shall have to look out for the company, my daughter loves doing puzzles and it can be hard to find good ones.

  16. I've read his previous two books - recent ones - and they are a bit odd - but I have to admit that I did enjoy them. That one is on my To Be Read list!

  17. I like the look of the pictures on the puzzles.. and that cake.. yummy looking! You're at a fun time when new grandbabies are coming to your family. All my grandkids are now half grown! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)