Thursday, 22 August 2019

Carnival Time

Everything in Aldeburgh stops for the carnival. It's been held on the 3rd Monday in August almost forever!

Despite living just 6 miles from Aldeburgh for 23 years we rarely went to see the procession - it's an event more for the second-homers and  the holiday makers rather than local people. Although we sometimes went down there in the evening for the fireworks on the beach. If we did go we never parked on the official car-parks where they are now charging £10 to park!

Youngest and her OH both had a day off work so they could take Florence and I thought I'd go too. We parked a mile out of town and walked down to the sea front and after fighting through the crowds to buy an ice cream we found a space  to wait for the procession.

 The band were entertaining everyone before the procession started

Florence with her unicorn headband before the procession started!
 This year the theme was  "Lights, Camera, Action!"celebrating the centenary of  Aldeburgh cinema. 100 years of continuously showing films - one of the oldest cinemas in the country.

Loads of people in fancy dress started the procession. Terrible photos as we were in the narrow road just after the beginning of the procession, not the best position for photos.

 A trailer load of Minions

 Think this was Mad Max?

This was  "Some Like It Hot!"

 Suffolk School of Samba

 Not as many floats as there used to be, although Florence enjoyed waving at everyone. I'll have to go to Stowmarket Carnival next year to see how big that is nowadays. Stowmarket was the carnival we went to every year when I was a teenager and it used to be huge.

The family stayed in Aldeburgh  and got a ride home with friends but I headed home after the procession.

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  1. Ten pounds! Goodness, that's a bit steep, isn't it? I was going to visit when I'm back in Southwold next May but maybe I won't!
    The carnival looks fun though and Florence is a sweetie and looks as if she had a wonderful time, bless her.

    1. Sorry, should have said £10 is only for carnival day. The rest of the year there is loads of free parking in the street.

  2. You got to enjoy the carnival and some family time, that's wonderful. I can not believe how much Florence has grown! Your grandchildren are all so cute!

  3. Florence is definitely a cutie except when shes in a bad mood! She's getting taller by the minute.

  4. It seemed a lovely day, it's so nice that the carnival still goes on for so many events have got lost over the years. My Brother lives at Martham, in Norwich and we always use to go fir a long weekend.
    Florence looks so sweet.
    I have just put the washing in and it looks it us going to be a nice day.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Oops, that's some man spreading in Some Like It Hot!!! LOL

    1. Certainly is, it drew my eyes too!! lol

  6. I love it when our village has their Gala, they parade through the streets, not as big as yours. Glad it was dry for you.

  7. Gosh, everyone complains here about car parking, but my goodness ~ what exactly does £10 buy you?

    Florence looks so sweet, and it looks a grand day out too, with lots of effort. Our carnival was August Bank Holiday since time immemorial, but three years ago it went the way of so many established events, so sad.

  8. Looks great you can't beat a good carnival, the atmosphere is usually brilliant. A walk and an ice-cream sounds preferable to paying £10 to park the car for sure.

  9. Florence is adorable and looks like she was having fun. We have a huge Carnival in Bridgwater, it's a really big event with tens of thousands of people attending, it's fantastic. We haven't been since having Betty though, as it goes on for about 7 hours and we can't leave her for that long.

  10. Looks like everyone is having fun!

  11. They do hike the prices of car parks at special times, don't they! A walk ending with an ice-cream sounds perfect. Florence is an absolute sweetie! Must admit, I did a double take at the 'Some Like It Hot', haha!

  12. It looks like you all had fun, but golly gosh, that's a big ask for parking! They know how to charge don't they? What a poppet Florence is.

  13. I saw in the news that Ed Sheeran has erected a huge portable amphitheater in Ipswich right behind a row of houses. I hope he compensates them and gives them earplugs as well as free tickets.
    The Los Angeles County Fair starts 30 August and goes through the month of September. Horse races, animal barns, home goods, all the fun things during the hottest month of the year and after school has started. I could never understand that. I guess they didn't want to compete the CA state fair that is in Sacramento in August.
    Florence will be a heartbreaker in a few years!

  14. I do love a good parade and that one looks very enjoyable.

    God bless.