Saturday, 3 July 2021

First Saturday in July

I fitted in quite a lot this week despite watching Wimbledon, the England match and catching bits of the Tour and an unexpected drive to Bury St Edmunds hospital to pick up BiL. He's had some tests for something that sounds just like the Angina that his Grandad and Colin had. He'll get another appointment for something, he's not sure what  as he's half deaf and said  he couldn't understand what the doctors said behind their masks!  Everyone has been telling him to get a hearing aid for years.

Monday saw me making a batch of Ricotta cheese again and it's certainly much easier than the Halloumi and more useful as I turned it into 6 portions of Ricotta, Spinach and Pine Nut Lasagna as  before. I've got to be more careful about batch making with no chest freezer as I'd also planned to make a pan of pizza topping this week but found there wouldn't be room for it once the lasagna was boxed and stored away.

I whipped through  this little book when I had no library books. It's about one of the families who took part in a TV series several years ago.


Thought it was about time I went swimming again, missed last week, can't remember why - how do weeks fly by so quickly............that's why I do a Saturday roundup of the week - to help me remember what's happened! Only two of us in the slow half of the pool - so a good swim.

Flowers on the table this week - more rosebuds from the garden - pink this time - and still no scent.

On Friday morning I popped over to the coast to see Youngest Daughter and Eldest Granddaughter. I got the hedge cutter back to use because the neighbours on my right told me the Yew Hedge is mine. They said previous owners of my bungalow planted it as soon as they moved in as there was nothing at the front marking the boundary between the two properties. I said "do you love it?" and they said no they didn't like it much at all. So they won't be bothered if it gets replaced sometime by something much more interesting and there are lots of things more interesting than a Yew hedge which just sits there looking big and green.

Summer of Sport update........oh dear, not such a good day in the Men's Singles at Wimbledon yesterday. Dan Evans out in 4 sets. But the young Canadian guy who beat Andy is awfully handsome (if I was 50 years younger!) and may well be one to follow in the future. I always think it's annoying that the Doubles matches only get mentioned in passing because there were 5 British men playing doubles yesterday who are through to the next round. 
I missed most of Le Tour due to the above.
Then of course tonight there is a Very Important football match.

 This week I'm grateful for

  • Being able to help with transport for BiL
  • A super-douper pile of reading matter
  • A warm and sunny Friday at the end of a chilly week

 My plans to go to the re-opening of the Saturday car-boot sale (first since the world came to a halt ) at Needham Market  may get cancelled due to a grotty weather forecast. We shall see.

Hope you have a good weekend.

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  1. Could you maybe put a small freezer out in your garage? I have to confess that in ours I have two tall upright freezers and a very old small under worktop one - I tell myself it's not obsessive as there are six of us and I always have an eye out for reduced bargains!

  2. We only have z small freezer section in the fridge here in our temporary rental property. Oh how I miss having space for batch cooking portions and leftovers.

  3. Sounds a good week Sue lots of sport to see and pleased you had a swim. It's a shame it's looks like the weather is turning again such a pity for there is lots going now we have a Scarecrow Trail in our village and my GD has a table booked for a Fete at her village it will be her first event she makes specialiised Dog Biscuits, I do hope it goes well for her has it's for charity.
    Enjoy your weekend Sue and everyone and hope the Car Boot is good.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  4. Even with hearing aids, I can't get what people are saying behind those masks. They are such a pain.
    As the others have said, maybe it is worth investing in another freezer? It's so frustrating not to have any space, I feel.

  5. Hope you the weather cooperates for your visit to the car boot sale in Needham Market.
    Your BiL might ask the doctor/nurse to jot down on paper for him the pertinent information about next steps. As Joy says, sometimes even with hearing aids, it is difficult to understand what is said behind masks. Some doctors also presume folks understand medical terminology/jargon. While I do, my DH doesn't, so I end up interpreting things for him. He has had some virtual visits with doctors over the past year and he asks me to sit off to the side so I can 'translate' what was said after the visit.

  6. We have just had one hour of steady rain (after three weeks with none at all) but it is clearing up now and we really need two or three days of it.

  7. Agreement with above comments regarding an extra freezer in the garage. Your kitchen might only suit an upright one but you sound as if you’re a batch cook/chest freezer-er at heart!

  8. You accomplish a lot in a week! No wonder the weeks fly by! Hope the weather is good for your car boot visit.

  9. You did have a busy but good week. I hope your BiL is doing well. It took our whole family a while to talk my husband into getting hearing aids. He agrees they help but I have to remind him to wear them. I hope you were able to go to the boot sale. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. What a lovely week you had. I am glad you were able to help out your BIL.

    God bless.

  11. The book looks interesting. I have a second freezer in my garage for reduced items and fresh fruit which I freeze for my smoothies, it's invaluable. Yew isn't the most inspiring hedge plant, maybe one day you can have lavender and will then get lots of bees and flowers :)

  12. I'm glad you were able to help your Bil. Hope he feels better soon. Its been warm this week in Oregon. My daughter had to water our new tree more Saturday evening as its been so dry out and hot early week. 113 degrees on Monday is No good. Hopefully it will continue to be strong and live. Glad you got see your daughter and granddaughter. Take care and have a good week.

  13. A Yew hedge is not inspiring. Trimming it will be a big job. Hopefully your BIL will get some good care to resolve/treat his health condition. I also agree having an extra freezer is always handy.