Friday, 23 July 2021

The Olympics

 A week after the end of Le Tour we now have the return of the Summer of Sport 2021 for those of us who enjoy watching sport

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Today we can see  the opening ceremony which usually goes on far too long but the sport started Wednesday with ladies football and the GB team won their first match.
 The time difference might make watching some events difficult because I'm not that keen to stay up late or get up extra early but BBC have gone Olympics crazy and somehow have something on all day and the  Radio Times (one of my down-sizing treats that I'm loving) has helpfully provided a special edition with all the times of all the sports right through the whole 16 days.

Thinking about why I couldn't remember much about the 2016 Olympics I searched the old blog and of course it was while we were in the Very Small Ipswich Bungalow and Colin was in and out of Ipswich hospital when all the early parts of the treatment for the Lymphoma caused  so many problems. 4 years earlier the  Olympics of 2012 and we were still at the smallholding . It was the first year that Col went from full-time work to part time and working for ourselves with growing and selling more. We cycled to Saxmundham to see the Olympic Torch going through but were working so hard through the summer that I can't remember much about what we watched.

This year I can enjoy watching all the different sports that are not usually seen on TV as well as favourite things like the tennis, cycling and athletics.

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  1. I imagine you will have proper withdrawal symptoms when the Olympics end though! I'm looking forward to the Equestrian events of course, but enjoy the athletics too.

    I don't blame you for your regular treat of the Radio Times.

  2. The opening ceremony is today at Midday our time, 8pm in Toyko. I don't think you actually said that in your post. So we could watch it live if we want to. For the rest of the Games I think I will be using Iplayer quite a lot as I also don't intend staying up late or all night for live events.

  3. I always bought the Radio Times at Christmas, but gave that up a few years ago. The BBC website is helpful and gives programme times here

  4. Like Angela I always brought the R.T. For Christmas so much to read in it.
    It seems a little cooler this morning evertheless I have done watering and feed the birds also cut back the roses, I must remember to order some bird seed.
    Have a good weekend Sue and everyone.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  5. We've been getting our Radio Times 'free' for years using Tesco Vouchers. Plenty of good stuff hidden in the schedules.

    1. Hi I wondered how you managed to get your Radio Times with your Tesco vouchers, I am a regular Tesco shopper and would like to try that ! Thanks

    2. There are lots of mags available. Go to Tesco Online - select Tesco Clubcard, then Spend Vouchers, find the Lifestyle section of the page, select Magazine subscriptions, then all mags are in alpha order. You need to submit the numbers on the vouchers to cover the cost, then they send you links to the subscription page. (They automatically refund the balance if you've used a voucher for more £££s.) It's a bit of a faff, but well worth it.

  6. About to start watching the opening ceremony here in southern Australia at 8.30pm. I think the times will be ok for us for once. We are covid locked in here for probably another week so the games will fill in some winter days

  7. I watch the morning news, with my coffee in hand, and get updates on how the teams are doing. My interest in the Olympics has waned.

  8. I watched the opening ceremony live here early this morning. I always enjoy seeing the joy of the athletes as they all come in country by country.

  9. With the price of the Radio Times now, it would be cheaper to pay a subscription to Readily. I have access via my computer or phone to more magazines, including Radio Times, than you can shake a stick at. All for under £10 a month!

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