Saturday, 13 October 2018


Diaries have been in the shops for several weeks.............2019 is on its way.

I would be in a muddle without a diary,  it's used for  birthdays and appointments but I no longer write much more than that. My blog is now my diary and the Penny Pincher Letter that I write for 4 friends twice a year is a paper version.
A few months ago I wrote about the Letts Schoolgirl Diaries I had in the 1960s. After leaving school I don't remember keeping a diary but once I married it was needed again. Back in the days when we lived in a village and had a milkman I had Dairy Diaries. Then cheap diaries £1 from Poundland, then when I had more time my diary was A4 writing pads and I wrote lots everyday.
In 2017 I discovered the Country Wisdom and Folklore Diary with lots of extra information about traditions and folklore as it says on the cover "Keeping Alive the Old Ways". I wasn't sure whether  to buy one again this year but then  saw the Wheel of the Year  from the first page of the diary on Amazon.
I was tempted...............................who could resist?

It soon arrived and is fascinating as always. I'll share some bits on the blog next year.

If I'd been writing a diary last week it would have said I went swimming, finished all the flower pot washing, fixed the greenhouse staging, did some shopping, visited youngest daughter and Florence (she was 2 on Thursday- already!) and baked some scones as well as normal housework stuff.

And the lovely weather we had here was good for getting outside to clear up the garden. The worst bit was the asparagus bed because the sunflowers had collapsed on top of them. I'd tried to keep the sunflowers upright with a circle of canes and string - all to no avail and no wonder - as the stems of a couple of the sunflowers were like tree trucks, took ages to get them out of the ground. I need to finish weeding the soft fruit bed, put some beetroot into a sandbox for winter, fork over next years potato bed and disinfect the greenhouse, then I think the outside work will be done - until next year.

Have a lovely weekend everyone
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  1. That's a wonderful diary! Thanks for the reminder. I would be totally lost and confused without mine. I need a page for each day to get everything down. I will start searching.

  2. That is a beautifull diary. I have never prepared the garden for winter in such warm weather! Have a nice weekend.

  3. What a lovely diary. I've used diaries sporadically over the years, nowadays I prefer a really nice hardback notebook. Actually, I have a few, for different purposes - can't manage without writing lists of things, my memory is so awful nowadays.

  4. Everything about that diary appeals to me especially that it is spiral bound for ease of writing. The illustration on the front draws the eye, and I love the little peek you gave us from inside.

  5. The illustration of 'The wheel of the year' is beautiful. It would make a lovely embroidery. X

    1. Ooh yes...but what a lot of patience that would require! x

  6. I wish I used a diary, that really is a lovely one.
    The wind is blowing strongly, leaves are falling, and yet it is warm. I have just been out walking the dog for the last hour - came home and had to change into lighter clothing. Very unusual.

  7. The wheel is a really lovely illustration - I would love to do one for the family to include our birthdays and anniversaries that we celebrate throughout the year.
    On a similar theme I have produced a little artist book for my friends each year called Celebrating the Year and in it I put twelve cards - one for each month illustrated with a sketch and then I write a short piece beneath of the customs for each month or something similar. My friends look forward to these now each year. I couldn't do one last couple of years but I am planning to do one this year on English Traditions.
    As Jules said above it would make a lovely embroidery.

  8. Such a lovely looking wheel of the year...x

  9. A beautiful looking diary, I look forward to your snippets from it throughout the year.

  10. No diary writing here. Each week I look at my calendar hanging on the wall here over my desk and note down in a notebook what I need to do each day - more than what appears on the calendar.
    I think I got this book recommend from you: Dear Mrs. Bird. I just finished it. A very nice read.

  11. I do a daily diary, boring supermarket page a day one. If I had something like you have I would never write in it just admire the artwork! As I get older I need to write in the diary what I have done and what I have to do. The latter gets not done written next to it far too often!

  12. I have been writing in diaries since 1979. At first they were small diaries with just room to write appointments, birthdays etc. Then as the years have gone on they have become bigger and now for the last 10-15 years they are A5 size with a day-a-page. At first I didn't fill each day entirely, but now I sometimes don't have enough room. I get mine from Smiths with a patterned cover and 'bendy', they must be 'bendy'. I still have every one.

  13. I have two. One with just the month laid out in blocks to track my shifts at work. The second is for my handbag. Lately, it's been Moleskins.

    My problem is I love stationary stores and could buy a dozen diaries in different forms each year! Pens are also a problem

  14. I like the Wheel of the Year illustration in your new diary, Sue. Lovely! I have a tiny diary, just enough room to jot in an appointment or an event. It usually costs me less than $5 and covers two years. I bought a new one for 2019/2020 just the other day. It has pretty pink blossoms on the front. Meg:)

  15. that sounds a lovely diary, I would be lost without my diary, I generally use it for lists of things I need to get done alongside appointments and work !

  16. I would have found that diary hard to resist too, I look forward to seeing snippets of it throughout next year here on your blog.

    I make do with a bog standard A4 desk diary 'acquired' by my lovely hubby from his day job when he works on site. As he's there intermittently he gets offered them frequently, so says 'yes thank you' twice instead of the once he should ;-)

    Mine end up a mix of stuck in cinema tickets, shopping lists and souvenir tickets, photos and cards of places we've been. By the end of the year it's usually so fat I despair at storing it, but I do for a couple of years and then after a reminiscing read through they go onto a bonfire and our memories are consigned to the atmosphere.

    Thanks for adding my new blog to your sidebar :-)

  17. I bought a few diaries and try to keep up writing. Journals here in the USA. I bought a small for 2019 that I found in the school section at a store. A few years ago I did a gratitude journal. Wrote down at least 5 things to be thankful for. Keeps your mind on the good things God gives you each day. I like the one have. Is that from your local area? I need to plant my crocus bulbs I bought a few weeks ago. Have a good week!

  18. What a pretty diary. I need to get one for the upcoming year very soon. Unless I make my own once again.

    God bless.

  19. I have never prepared the garden for winter in such warm weather! Have a nice weekend.

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