Saturday 15 December 2018

December 15th and the 50p Christmas Decoration

I've  tried  this almost every year since 2013 ............ To do a post that makes the the page views go mad!

It happened  first with this  post that went viral (slight exaggeration!) from November 30th 2013......................................

This morning Him Outside concreted in the  6 new posts for our broken fence. He wanted to get this done so that when our son is here next weekend he'll be able to help lift the fence bits upright, while they are fixed back onto the posts.
I did the ironing and a bit of housework then biked down to the village hall to have a look at the Annual Cancer Research Christmas Sale. Plenty of people there and things to buy but I just had a go on the Grand Draw and spent 50p on a little Christmas Decoration that I've hung on the back door. (The last of the Big Spenders!)

 For several years this topped the page views - have no idea why and I found if anyone googled Christmas Decorations up popped this post.

It's no longer at the top of the viewing lists but when I bought a 50p decoration this year it reminded me to try it again.
I wanted something old fashioned-looking to add to the mantel-shelf and found this happy fella in the charity shop

I'll see what happens with the viewing figures....................

Many  Thanks for comments yesterday. Apologies for not getting round to replying. I had a day out travelling down to visit my Essex friends who have recently moved house. Managed to find them in their new village without too many problems.

Back Tomorrow


  1. He's very sweet - jovial and contented! A good find.

  2. Hope you had a good day with the neighbors
    I love the snow man.
    Hazel c uk

  3. I did a post in 2011, showing a small cross stitch I made of a cat under a Christmas tree, it went bonkers, and comes back most years so far I have had 1551 views. Love your vintage santa snowman.

  4. I am invisible to search engines. I prefer it that way.

  5. 50p is a bargain. Looks great.

  6. On Our New Life ... the page with the most views of all time is my Elderflower Cordial one. No doubt every time someone wants to make some I head the Google search page.

    You can't beat a 50p bargain :-)

  7. I'll help with your page view count!
    Rainy day here and a messy one to travel. We are headed north to New Jersey for a friend's son's wedding. Another friend traveling with us.

  8. I like him! I wonder if it's the 50 p that gets the views, or the words 'Christmas Decoration'? -Jenn

  9. It's strange what makes a good post isn't it? I can post what I think is an itelligent post and hardly get any response and yet if I put a few cats out there people love it.

  10. He looks fun and a real bargain too! I find with my posts, the ones I REALLY enjoy writing never get a comment, and yet anything with baking always gets lots. Ah well, I should take a tip from that!

  11. Cute! I hope you had a good visit with your friends!

  12. I have his brother, minus the lamp and crook, and he has a green face. I bought him about thirty years ago, in one of those lovely little old shops that sold all kinds of things, ornaments, household, mats etc., and I think he cost me about a pound. He had a battery light inside, which only worked the first year, but as others have said, he is just so jolly looking. I find him a space every year since. Love your Christmas crockery at the top of your page, it's beautiful and very evocative of my childhood. Terry

  13. I love your old fashioned snowman! He looks good on the mantel. I hope you are able to stay warm and dry this weekend. I keep reading about all kinds of bad weather in your area!

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