Saturday, 17 August 2019

The Third Saturday in August

First of all must say thank you to everyone for comments about the book yesterday, I like sharing good reads with everyone.

Now Odds and Ends from the my week..........

Today August 17th, would have been my Mum's 93rd birthday - born in the same year as the Queen, except that Mum died 20 years ago and HRH is still going strong.

This is interesting........

The Museum in Stowmarket which for years has been the East Anglian Museum of Rural Life (or words to that effect, it's changed it's title a couple of times of the last 40+ years) is to become the.....

 We don't have any other National Museums of anything in Suffolk as far as I know.
It says "over the next 10 years we will transform Stowmarket's Museum of East Anglian Life into a leading attraction".

I went out to fetch the washing in on Monday and noticed the big Standard Lavender was absolutely buzzing with bees, at least twenty at once, I fetched the camera and tried to get a good photo but they wouldn't sit still, here's just one, they were all the same sort.

Detoured on my way home from town to visit a church............It was locked, so just a photo of the outside.

Swilland St Marys with its strange Victorian belfry on the top of the tower. Only the second village church that I've found locked. I searched the notices in the porch for a phone number for who had the key - but found nothing.

There was a bump at the living-room window and I turned to find a baby pheasant sitting on the window sill,  outside I could hear its mother shouting "get down from there before you fall!"

Not a lot else happened this week........I swam, shopped, went and got a new gas cylinder  for the cooker, called in on my sister for a coffee and that's about it.

This week I'm grateful for
  • Interesting library books
  • My homegrown fruit and veg
  • Wildlife in the garden

Have a good weekend, I'll be back Monday


  1. My lavender is finish and I must cut it, I am going to get some cuttings next year. I would like to have it all along the front path. We still have the strong winds but it is lovely and sunny.
    It is a shame the church's have to be locked now.
    I have a beautiful Fushia in the back garden so I might try and do some cuttings Monty Don was telling us how to do it last night.
    Have a lovely weekend Sue and everybody else. I am hoping my son (on his motorbike) is coming today for i have a few jobs todo.
    Hazel c uk

  2. The church looks fascinating. What a shame it was locked.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Nothing much has happened here either. Last Sunday we went to HSL in Taunton to try out their chairs. Needs a lot of thought as they are so expensive. We already have an expensive G Plan settee which doesn't really suit me, so I don't want to make the same mistake. Had our grand-daughters here the usual two days, so games were played.

    I have never looked at churches to see and compare the different architectural features. A lesson to learn there.

  4. Interesting changes happening in the musuem by the look of things. I really hope we don't have any kind of food delivery problems in this country now. Lets face it, we no longer have the ground to grow what we need, as in WWII.

  5. At last Sue we've something to match your wonderful home grown produce - the most enormous juicy Victoria plums we've had in over 25 years here. It seems they thinned themselves out during the early hot weather, and then swelled with all the rain. Putting up the wasp traps today.

  6. What a lovely and unusual church......unfortunately it’s a sign of the times with churches being locked - vandalism, etc.....such a shame.

  7. That's interesting about the museum. We visited it ages ago and enjoyed it. I'm sitting right next to my lavender which is always full of huge bees. I think they are packing up for the day now.

  8. Lovely to see the bees on the the Lavender. My lavender and nepeta have now gone over. They come out earlier down here, so I will be cutting them back soon. The bees are still buzzing around the perennial wallflowers though. We frequently get Wood Pigeons flying into our patio doors, thankfully their big bellies act as an air bag and they just fly off!

  9. The year that we visited you and Col we visited a lot of churches around the area and we found a few of them locked but most open and some absolutely brilliant ones. I do so admire the way you are filling your time Sue.