Wednesday, 25 September 2019

How Many Trees?

I watched the youtube video on Thelma's blog last week

 and it got me thinking that I had no idea how many trees there were here on my acre up the end of a Suffolk lane, there were several even before we started planting little saplings two years ago.
I did a tree survey.............

1 Large Turkey Oak 
4 Blackthorn with not a sloe between them
1 Leylandii
11 Willow 
25 Poplar -two different types
1 Christmas Tree
5 Ash
1 Sumac
1 Lilac
1 Bay
1 Sweet Chestnut
2 Scots Pine
3 Walnut
2 Spruce
3 Hazel
1 Damson
1 Cherry Plum
3 Silver Birch
2 Holly
1 Weeping Pussy Willow
5 Hawthorn
2 Blue Spruce
2 Eucalyptus
2 Field Maple
2 Apricot
2 Pear
5 Apple
1 Plum
2 Elder
and  finally 1 very small English Oak, that's just appeared this year.

Is that 94 Trees? Lots of these have been planted since we moved in and many of those are still under 2 feet tall. I think there's another holly and some small elders somewhere too. Muntjac Deer and two dry summers took their toll on  Colin's Birthday Wood as I just wasn't able to look after them properly and get water to them, 8 out of the 10 silver birch died and a few others including a Sweet Chestnut. The best I can do is to cut around the new trees with the small mower.

Mrs F, who was here before me, used to cut all the meadow,this is how we first saw it

but we decided early on to just cut the footpath and in our first summer we had a few orchids,(and even more in 2018 and 2019) something that  Mrs F had never seen here. It would look tidier and bigger if it was all cut but there would be so many heaps of grass cuttings and no orchids and hopefully it's more wildlife friendly too.

I'm waiting for some wet weather to plant out 2 Hornbeam and a Rowan that I've got in pots.

No wonder I don't want to move yet - where else would I have so many trees?

Back Tomorrow


  1. How lovely. We planted a silver birch in our Leicestershire garden I. 1996 (free from country life butter!) and in the 19 years we lived there it grew into a beautiful tree. It was one of the few things I regretted having to leave behind. You've done great things, and don't beat yourself up about the saplings that did not survive!

  2. Wow - so many trees. I think that's brilliant, as is the wild area. You're right, you'd never find somewhere like that again. It's a treasure of a place.

  3. Yes tend your plot with love and care, it is the individual act that will save us.

  4. You have a beautiful place on earth Sue and imagine how many birds, insects etc you get in the trees. When my grandson was 4 or 5 he planted a horse chestnut in a pot, he is now 33 and this little tree is still going strong he brought a beautiful new pot for me last year on my 80th birthday, it has had flowers, I remember he took it to school for nature day. I hope one day he will have a house of his own and then he can take it back until then I have the pleasure of seeing it.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Such a lovely lot of trees. I love trees but around here we are still suffering from 'Dutch Elm Disease' A couple near me have had to be felled as they are still trying to save what we have left. I feel so sad when I see them being cut down.

  6. Your meadow looks much better, well done on having so many tree's, it's a shame you lost some of the planted ones, but sounds as if you are not giving up adding more. We have a tiny garden, but still manage to have 2 trees, plus just beyond our fence the neighbour has 3 tree's, so I love the borrowed look at the bottom of garden.

  7. A good idea to survey them and keep track of your charges!

  8. When the trees grow a bit bigger you could build a den. A secret place to hide.

  9. That is a lot of trees! And so many diffferent!

  10. I like the idea of keeping a note of what is where Sue - and I know how you feel about staying put - it will be lovely to watch them grow and mature.

  11. Such a wonderful variety of trees and so many. I love how you have mowed a path and left it to grow 'au naturel' perfect for the wildlife.

  12. Such a beautiful spot in the world Sue and who can ask for more than to add loveliness to their surroundings? It's inevitable that some additions won't make it so please don't beat yourself up about losses - Thank you for sharing the space with us.

  13. Wow so beautiful! Lucky you for all those trees. We have a few in our small garden (probably more than we should lol). They line the back of the garden line nicely. We also have 3 old Christmas trees that have taken off nicely. We gave up having live Christmas trees when we ran out of space to plant them lol so back to the artificial.

  14. Lots of trees!!! We used to have 15 in our rather small yard. We got rid of 13 very large ones, kept two that have really grown now that they have the room and planted 3 more which are fruit trees. Really 15 trees were way too many for our very small yard.

    God bless.