Tuesday, 24 September 2019

The Archaeologist

My Archaeologist son is supervising volunteers on a dig in Clare Castle Country Park, on the Suffolk/Essex border.

 DiL, Willow and I went to have a look at the dig last week. Son showed us around, I'm glad he was there to tell me what was what as they just look like holes in the ground to me!

They are digging in the bailey below the Castle Motte, an area that was more recently a goods yard for the old railway to see if they can find exactly how big the moat was and also further down to find anything to predate the Norman Castle and also another nearby trench has been put in to find out the area of a cemetery relating to the Minster or Monastery that was also on the site for some years. They found burials further away from some found in a dig a few years ago. I took a photo but son told me off ! Not done to take photos of burials he said. The bones are to be recorded and left.

The diagram on the bench shows a cross section of the Castle keep on top of the motte, the moat and inner and outer baileys

The silver half-coin below dates back to William 1st not long after 1066. The key-plate is probably from a medieval box or casket. Top left is decorated glass 

A bit more about the first week finds HERE

There are up to 20 volunteers each day of all ages including some older children who are being home-schooled - a better way of learning some history than being sat in a classroom....... I'm a big fan of home schooling.

Just after we left Son was on BBC Radio Suffolk talking to one of the presenters about the dig and the finds so far. The dig finishes soon but there is funding for another 3 weeks next summer. 

Willow needed a play on the climbing frames, slide and swing and then we had lunch in the Old Station Cafe.

 It makes me so happy to know Son is doing a job he loves and thank goodness when Cotswold Archaeology Company  merged with/took over Suffolk Archaeology CIC they kept their Suffolk office so he didn't have to move away. I would certainly miss seeing my littlest granddaughter now.

Thanks for comments about the autumn decor - it's good to have a bit of a change now and again.

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  1. I am going to my Archaeology beginners class this morning. It is suddenly revealing itself to me as a very interesting subject. I just thought it was men digging in holes!

    I am interested in home schooling too! Can't think why. I watch a home schooling Vlog, Imo and Issy, which covers ordinary life, travel as well as homeschooling. I first found it when looking on You Tube for somebody to tell me about using the Lisbon Metro and Imo and Issy did because they travel there a lot. Then I discovered Imo is homeschooling Issy. So now I subscribe and watch all Imo's vlogs.

  2. It is so interesting that your son is an Archaeologist. I have always been interested in the subject and would love to visit a dig. My two grandchildren were home schooled and did very well with it. Homeschooling is more common here than it used to be due to problems at some schools.

    1. It's becoming much more popular here and the internet has made it easier

  3. Absolutely fascinating, thanks for this.
    I always think Clare Castle ought to be in Ireland (!) and it's somewhere I've never been - I really ought to.

  4. So pleased your son is enjoying his job and it sounds very interesting and that you get your see what it is all about.
    I missed commenting on your loving mantle it is on my list this weekend to do mine, I am lucky I have lovely big windowsills not like in my old house. My daughter make wreaths so I must get my Autumn one out for the front door.
    I was pleased Carol and I went food shopping yesterday at Morrisons, we got lots of yellow stickers especially the plants were 20p each and I got 2 large bowls of cyclamen marked up at £4.00 and down to 20p each just right for the cemetery soon. I was so pleased Carol was with me for she gas the car. I have never seen prices so cheap in there.
    It is said that we have rain for the next week here I know the gardens need it.
    Hazel c uk

    1. Good bargains at Morrisons.

      We've had a good amount of rain here today, should help all my small trees

  5. Archaology is an interesting career, not a run-of-the-mill job where you don't give it a second thought when you go home. A great achievement when, not only knowing what they want to do, they are able to follow their dream. Well done to your son!

  6. I love archaeology. It must be one of the most fascinating jobs to do.

  7. You sure have to be young to do this kind of thing. I often wonder if their knees ache at the end of the day. lol

  8. Thanks for the share. All things archaeology interest me. Too bad he stopped you from getting a photo of the bones. We head to Barcelona for two weeks on the 1st and one of the things I'm looking forward to is the history museum that shows the earliest settlements there.

  9. I think archaeology is all the more interesting when it is local. It must be a career where a lot of patience is needed. Well done on your son doing his dream job!

  10. That's fascinating! You must be so proud of him (and I'm so glad the family are able to be nearby) Does your DIL know that wonderful quote from Agatha Christie? "Marry an archaeologist. That way, as you grow older, he will find you even more fascinating!"

  11. I am fascinated by archaeology, but realistically I wouldn't last 5 minutes. Don't care for getting really dirty and cold!

  12. Lovely that you were able to go and look what he was doing.

  13. The bones thing sounds like here in Canada. In the three summers that our oldest son worked on digs, they hoped they didn't find anything along those lines. If they had it would have been a First Nations burial place and they would have had to cover everything up and stop the dig.

    God bless.

  14. What a wonderful job, you must be one proud Mum and so nice that you were able to visit the sight he is working on.