Saturday, 7 September 2019

This Week

This week................

Thank you for comments about the chutney/pickle/relish........whichever it's called in your country!

At 11am on Wednesday  morning the seasons suddenly changed from summer to autumn. I was in the greenhouse having a bit of a tidy when the wind suddenly started blowing, dark clouds rushed overhead and the temperature dropped by several degrees. There had been a lot of rain overnight and it looked as if it was about to pour again so I quickly got a bowl to pick the raspberries and hurried indoors.
Half an hour later the sun came out again, although it stayed windy for the rest of the day and overnight then so much colder on Thursday................ I LOVE the changeability of our weather!

I survived the dentist.............just. Although my bank balance took a big hit.

Bit tired this week, even too tired to go for a swim. Lots of going in and out and driving and also broken nights when the cat brings a mouse in for me, it's that time of year. Sometimes dead, sometimes alive, either way I have to get up and do something about it. Dear Polly-puss!

Here's a recipe from the car-boot bargain book "What Vegans Eat".
 Onion Bhaji Burgers - very delicious.
 I used half the amount  and didn't have any sparkling water but I did have some tonic water left from last Christmas so used that - have no idea if it made any difference, or if using just plain water would have been OK. I didn't have any coriander.

This made two good sized burgers, I had one in a bun with mayo, tomato, cucumber and chutney and the other next day re-heated with salad stuff for my lunch.

Wish I could share with you the taste of these little plum tomatoes from the greenhouse. I've been eating them by the handful everyday and
offering them to all visitors to try. These are Ildi, sweet but sharp with soft skins. More yellow than they appear in the photo and very prolific.

And finally I must say thank you to a lady from Worcester, sorry to hear your husband has the same cancer as Colin, it's a nasty one that's for sure. I'm glad you have found the blog helpful, writing it helps me so much too and yes my collection has grown - Thank you for your kindness.......... a huge surprise.

 This week I'm also grateful for
  • Lunch out at Son and DiL's house
  • A visit from my sister for a coffee
  • A visit from Youngest and Florence 
  • Lots of comments and visitors to  the blog, which I never seem to get round to replying to properly.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend, bit of a poignant one for me. Tomorrow, the 8th, would have been our 40th wedding anniversary. We didn't really celebrate wedding anniversaries but had talked about a party for the Ruby one. I'll be OK and keep busy as it's the only way to get through.

Back Monday


  1. Thinking of you this weekend, Sue. With much love xx

  2. Thinking of you today, with your bitter-sweet memories of your long and happy marriage.

    I have been growing some little yellow cherry tomatoes like those and they are delicious (mine didn't fruit very well though - not many insects visiting my greenhouse so I had to get a tiny paintbrush out to pollinate them).

    Will copy that recipe out and give it a try - certainly very frugal and sounds tasty too! Does it have to be gram flour or will plain baking flour do? Guess it would.

  3. My husband and I just missed out 50th anniversary last October. I bought a rose bush called Golden Wedding. It was in flower last October and the smell was divine. Keep yourself busy Sue, it will soon be Monday.x.

  4. Wishing you love asw you remember and move through the day.
    Fresh picked tomatoes do taste so wonderfully good, don;t they and the flavour when you cook tham is just fantastic.

  5. Your posts are so uplifting Sue. The onion bhaji burger sounds delish.


  6. You won't catch me out of bed in the night when Fire Cat brings me a mouse into the bedroom. I tell her what a good girl she is in the hope she will shut up and go back to sleep. I clear up in the morning.

    1. If it's dead she scratches at the carpet playing with it and if it's alive she miaows a lot and jumps on and off the bed!

  7. Thinking of you Sue. My brother and S.I.L. Are coming today and I am so looking forward to it, they come from Norwich and we have so much to chat about it my SIL is like my best friend. It looks overcast but quiet warm, I have got so washing on the line so hope it stays dry.
    Have a nice weekend Sue and everyone else.
    Hazel c uk

  8. I hope your anniversary day will bring you plenty of fond memories amongst the sadness of what might have been. I still send mum a card on their anniversary day - not a specific anniversary card but something with a nice picture, just to mark the day and remember dad - it would have been 72 years this year had dad lived longer and I am sure he will be present in spirit with her. I am a big fan of yellow tomatoes and plan to grow some next year. Have a lovely weekend - thinking of you x

  9. We always celebrate our loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries by doing something they would have enjoyed. Thinking of you.

  10. Thinking of you and Colin. You are doing remarkably well, I bet he is watching over you.

  11. Hope you are able to plan an outing, perhaps with some family on Sunday as a way of remembering and celebrating the memories of the love you shared with Colin. Buy yourself some lovely flowers, too. xo

  12. Thinking of you on what would have been your Ruby Wedding Anniversary. May you have lovely memories of your life with Colin.

  13. Our pointer once dropped a dead rat next to my bed as a present. I think the scream probably reached to the airport.
    Have a bit of a memory day and then go on.
    The batter sounds a bit like a tempura batter, mine uses ice cold sparkling water. Makes the batter light. My friend shared a recipe for a vegan burger that used beets. Quite purply but evidently quite yummy.
    Those tomatoes look god!

    1. I would like that beetroot burger recipe - sounds good

  14. Thinking of you this weekend. You are an amazing woman and you help others more than you may know. Take care Sue. xx

  15. Thinking of you today, Sue. Remember the wonderful memories of you and Colin. Xx

  16. Thinking of you today and sending ((hugs)) x

  17. Thinking of you today Sue.