Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Looking back at the August Ins, Outs and Frugal bits

Still Clearing Out
Out went the 2 ancient  air rifles that had moved from the smallholding to Ipswich and from Ipswich to here. Colin used to use them for getting pigeons and Son liked shooting at targets but they were in poor condition after being shoved in and out of cupboards for nearly 30 years. So I took them to the auction rooms where I discovered the small one was Russian - heavens knows where Colin got it from all those years ago.

Several things sold at the boot sale
Big bag of books and leftover stuff from the boot sale to charity shop.
Last of Colin's clothes to charity shop.
Few other things to WI car-boot sale
Cookery books to charity shop
Odd storage jars and some pyrex to charity shop
Tool box and some tools to Youngest's Other Half

Money In..........
County Council Spouses pension, £58 for the air rifles, £62 from the boot sale, repayment of loans from family, small bits of interest from savings.

Spending out..........
The usual food for me and the cat,direct debits for phones and charity and diesel for the car. Other expenses..................
Flea stuff for the cat
Hair cut for me
Gas cylinder for the cooker
Half year water bill - just a bit under £60, the same as February's bill.
The quarterly electric bill arrived a few days early at the end of August rather than first days of September and has been paid,  £30 less than the same quarter last year - handy.
I've used some of my car-boot income to send for 2 of the new Furrowed Middlebrow books - hopefully I shall get my money back as I'm going to give them to BiL so he can give them to me for Christmas.......Very Good Plan I think.
Family Take-Away meal
My pictures from the art exhibition
All other expenses have been small amounts like postage, car boot finds, grandchildren stuff......and Jigsaw puzzles for me. Plus coffee and cakes in churches ..........which goes down as Charity donations................clever accounting!

Frugal things
  • Eating from the Garden and Greenhouse....... Plums, late summer raspberries,
    tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, cucumbers, basil, potatoes, beetroot, last of the green beans, courgettes, onions, mange tout peas.
  • Put lots of boxes of roast mix veg into the freezer (all home grown except for a few carrots)
  • Still mixing milk half and half with water.
  • Reading Library books for free.
  • Using bread maker for my bread
  • Made big batch of red tomato, pepper and onion chutney.
  • More big tomatoes put into freezer - for something
  • Red Peppers into freezer
  • Elderberries picked and into freezer ready for Elderberry Syrup.
  • Several packs of reduced yellow sticker local produced sausages from Co-op into freezer.
  • A wooden cooker/sink play unit ready for Willows second birthday next April for £10 - Huge saving. 
  • Wooden railway bits from boot sale to add to some here - from which I will sort out a good collection for Florence's 3rd birthday in October. I'll sort my craft stuff to free up a storage box for her to keep them in.

A very good month, I'm pleased with the reduced electric bill and always happy when spending is less than my reduced income and that  happened in July and August, so two months without needing to dip into savings. September will be more expensive because as well as the things mentioned yesterday there is the huge dentist costs when I get the tooth re-built and filled.........Tomorrow- Ugh.

Back Tomorrow


  1. A dentist's bill has been one of my big expenses this year. But 4 months on, it's proved worth it, I was having so much discomfort with the crumbling molar. We've just changed utility supplier, as our one was predicting a significant increase. Waiting now for the blackberries to ripen, for some thrifty September foraging.

  2. I enjoyed reading about all your expenses and etc. by outgoings are a lot less now since I have moved and don't go out so much and of course I made quite a bit from the house so I don't have to worry about money quite so much. Expenses are mostly for wool to make things for charity which I enjoy and plants for the garden. Interesting Post.
    Hazel c uk

  3. How did your electricity bill manage to be £30 less than the same period last year? What were you doing last summer that you didn't do this summer?

  4. I'm always so impressed when I read your monthy accounting. A shame this month will be more costly but it wiull be good when it's done!

    1. Especially when the tooth is done - terrified as usual

  5. Interesting to see how you have saved money. I have just done my financial tally (for last 3 months - been too busy to post) and will be posting it today. It is rather depressing read even though I have tried in the midst of our summer of disaster to keep being as economical as possible. On the other hand you are sailing through and coming out on top. Well done.

  6. Well done on all your frugal bits. I do grow as much as I can in quite a small garden. But next year, I'll try and squeeze in a few more. Good luck with the dentist tomorrow!

  7. We changed to Bulb and our energy bill is 1/3 less.. we're very pleased.

  8. Some good savings over a couple of months. Helpful in advance of September expenses. Hope all goes well at the dentist. :(

  9. Brilliant ins and outs, and it's always nice to stay within budget đŸ™‚

    1. Doesn't happen often - I'm usually saying Thank Heavens for the savings

  10. Good month Sue, it's always great to get some car boot money and lower bills. I await our water bill. Ive turned off my energy reader from scottish power as every morning for the last week it says ive used £126 worth of energy so far today. Not HAPPY!

    1. I've been offered a smart meter umpteen times, I keep saying No - waiting for all the problems to iron out first.

  11. Wow sounds like a really busy month! I have to get back on track. I spent quite a bit while I was away. It was all money I had saved up as I'd been saving all year for the trip to Mum's, but now that I'm back it's time to start saving again!

  12. You had a wonderfully frugal month, and even had money coming back in. Good for you.

    God bless.