Thursday, 18 March 2021


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Answers to my questions - Seems the TV sound problem on ITV catch up is a Freeview  problem  and quite common. Annoying  but only for a few weeks. My own TV watching through Freesat didn't have the same problem

The oven heating problem.... I tried various positions of the right hand dial and the temp. dial, going away and leaving it each time and eventually I found how it works - just takes forever to heat up -  seems even more slow as I've cooked with speedy gas for more years than electric.

And answers to some of your questions.........

 Betty Asked .............. I have a question for you on moving house: if you could only take 3 non essential items on your house move, i.e. beautiful, loved, with memories, what would be your three most treasured possessions?

ANSWER Oh  my goodness, I haven't a clue. After lots of thinking - I still don't know. Need to be at home with my things around to choose I think.

 Rachel asked  where is Polly? 

ANSWER Sadly Polly had to go to the Small Animal Rescue place with a donation for her care. I knew it would be impossible to have her at the new bungalow as the only door that would take a cat-flap was  the front door - which wouldn't be suitable due to the road. I couldn't keep her in as she used the litter tray standing up so peed everywhere. (Tried one with a lid years ago but she wouldn't go into it).
This was OK at the cottage as there was a hard floor I could clean each morning after she was kept in at night. Then when I had to rent due to the hold up in the purchase I knew it wouldn't be possible to have her in a holiday let. Polly was never very settled after Colin died - she used to sit on him all the time and slept on his bed - I was always a poor substitute!
You're welcome to judge me or hate me if you like!
 No more pets for me now.

Aril asked If you could have done anything as a job/career what would it have been?
ANSWER - I enjoyed working in various libraries as a library assistant when I left school but was very happy not to go back to work after having Eldest Daughter. I liked being my own boss running the campsite and growing things for sale. I guess I wasn't cut out for being told what to do! 

Sue asked ... Of each of the properties that you have lived in which suited you best style-wise and which one holds the happiest memories?
ANSWER - Each of the umpteen places I've lived have served their purpose for the time we were there but of course the 23 years at the smallholding have the happiest memories although as traffic increased I liked it less, so the years up the end of the lane in the quiet were a treat but just too much work for  me once Colin died.

More answers next time I'm short of ideas for blog posts.........probably tomorrow!



  1. That is sad but judging or hating?? No way. You did the very kindest thing and you know she will be well cared for.

  2. No judgement here, you made the best decision.

  3. Your life, your cat. I just noticed she hadn't been mentioned recently. Thanks for the answers.

  4. As others have said, your decision. I'm sure it was a difficult one to make, but you made it for the best reasons. I hope Polly soon finds a loving family to care for her. xx

  5. A decision for the best I think ref. Polly. Any passing traffic is a threat to cats - so not ideal sending her out towards it. We are surrounded by about an acre here but the cats haven't gone far yet (thank heavens) and I hope when they do it will be into the wilderness down the back rather than the little lane out the front.

  6. That was a difficult decision about Polly. I once agonised over the same issue with a cat I had when moving through work to somewhere I couldn't have pets, but luckily someone I knew came to the rescue and took her at the last minute and had her for around another 10 years.

  7. Sounds like the best decision for you and your cat.
    I have some questions, hope it’s ok to ask. 1. What are you most looking forward to in your new home? 2. Do you have any plans for changes/alterations to the new place? 3. Will you have time to grow some fruit and veg for the new season?

  8. Re Polly. Tough decision but the best one. I look forward to seeing you settling into your new home. Best wishes Lesley.

  9. I'm sure you thought about the situation with Polly hard before you made the decision. Not a good idea having a cat near a main road. Expect you are looking forward to moving into your new home, with less garden to worry about.

  10. Audrey, it wasn’t your decision to make so mind your own business. Get on with your life and leave others to live theirs as they see fit.

  11. I love reading your answers. It helps me get to know you better. I think you could do a lot of these posts for us!

  12. I'm coming in late with a question but I wondered what you thought of "The
    Dig" Netflix film. I was nervous about how the Suffolk dialect would be presented. I thought Ralph Fiennes managed well.

  13. no judgment, an animal without freedom to explore in a safe traffic free environment is not a happy one. Here's another question to keep you busy: which room in any/all of your homes (past or future) will be the most important to you and make you feel the most that it is 'home'.

  14. I've run my own small business for 18 years and have never been happier. I hated being told what to do too! x

  15. Our two felines are indoors only at the moment...we have provided them with climbing posts and lots of toys but hubby knows that when our extension is complete his task will be to secure an outdoor space for them! x

  16. Absolutely no judgement or hatred from me. You did the very best you could for her, and what was best for her and that is what matters. I would do the same for all my animals if I had to, except for Suky ... she's stuck with me no matter what, poor Pug!!

    Ginger is coping remarkably well with his first cat litter tray, not bad for an old cat who had never seen one before, I was so relieved, but he's very wary of going out from the flat except for a little peek around the car when it's dark. He'll be back to going out and about once we move, we are putting a cat flap in Alan's back door for him.

  17. We adopted a cat when she was 5 and half years old. We have had her 10 years this year, and she has brought much love and entertainment. Her old owner had circumstances which made passing her on necessary. Dont worry, Poll will have a new home soon. I still let the old owner know how she is getting on.