Friday, 5 March 2021

Ogham Tree Alphabet for the 3rd Lunar Month February into March

 The tree that represents the 3rd Lunar month from February into March is the Ash.

There are just a few Ash trees on the meadow
and one still has lots of Ash seeds known as keys,  attached, hanging down in brown clumps.

Here's a word I didn't know........ "samara". It is the name of any dry fruit that has flattened wings attached so that it can be dispersed by the wind.


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  1. That's a great word. Not sure how I could work it into a conversation though...

  2. That's a very pretty tree painting in your book. Fresh and green, just like spring.

  3. we had a beautiful Ash tree in the cottage garden but Scottish Power had to take it down as it was under their power lines. At first they just took away the upward growth of the main trunk but then the remaining branches grew very strongly out sideways and were meandering across the garden like an octopus tendril.
    That is a lovely picture though of the Ash leaves and keys.

  4. I love the picture in your book. We have a LOT of Ash trees along the riverbank here, but I didn't know the dangly seed things were called 'keys' ... there that is my education sorted for today.

  5. You've taught me a couple of new words today. I didn't know Ash seeds are called keys and the word samara is new to me. I love that book and its wonderful pictures!

  6. What a lovely post! I really like the Ash picture. I can't wait to see such greenery around here!

  7. I love the Ogham alphabet, so streamlined.