Monday, 29 March 2021

More of Debenham

Lots of lovely comments after my first post of Debenham photos - Thank you. 

So here are a few more photos of this old picturesque village

 Another very old property with an interesting frontage. It always looks empty, not sure if anyone lives there. Going by the size of the windows it was probably once a shop


Who knew there was a website called WET ROADS  which has details of all the fords in the country.

This ford in Debenham is part of the Deben

The River Deben is a river in Suffolk rising to the west of Debenham. The river passes through Woodbridge, turning into a tidal estuary before entering the North Sea at Felixstowe Ferry 34 miles from it's sourceBoth the river-name and the name of the village of Debenham are of uncertain origin and relationship, but one theory (of several on offer) is that the river's name was originally Dēope meaning 'the deep one'.The river-name, however, is not recorded in the form Deben before 1735, when it appears thus in Kirby's Suffolk Traveller. The river, though still little more than a stream, is forded twice in the village, with one ford claimed to be among the longest in England

A few weeks ago, after all the heavy rain we had, the water here was a couple of feet deep. 


And from the other end showing the ford is nearly 100+ yards long when the water is high.



No surprise on the name of the road here

The Angel pub was still open a few years ago but now closed

Before Covid there were signs on the front wanting support for it to become a community owned pub

Does this road name below date from 100's of years ago, when The Butts was the area on the edge of a village or town where archery was practiced? Archery practice was compulsory for village men back in around the 15C. They could be called up anytime to go to war.

The Derrybrook is one of the small streams that joins to make the Deben


I think this large building was turned into a house a few years ago.

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even know this area of woodland was here. It's further along the lane where the ford is, somewhere you wouldn't know about without actually going along the road. Wish I'd known about it for my Tree Alphabet photos. It looks very well used by village dog walkers
And finally a view up the village street, catching it for a moment without it jammed with traffic trying to get passed all the parked cars.

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  1. Hoggs Kiss Wood, what a lovely name. Place names were so interesting in years gone by.

    1. I can't get the thought of two snouts touching out of my mind!

  2. Great photos. I shall be interested to see how the government's new water management projects (announced this morningl will affect Suffolk and Norfolk. Flooding and coastal erosion are both major concerns in East Anglia

  3. There is something otherworldly about Suffolk and Norfolk, the buildings are so 'native' if you know what I mean? Expect it is their use of building materials.

  4. When we still can't get out and about too far, it's nice to visit other places on screen. So thank you! I'd love to see inside that grand building and learn about "The Ancient Order of Foresters". If walls could talk... xx

  5. It's a beautiful village with typical Suffolk cottages. We used to go exploring from K's brother's at Brightlingsea when we stayed with him in the summertime. K's mum used to love going to Dedham.

    I noticed that one of the shops in town, with metal bars across the entrance to - I think - an upstairs flat - has a pair of metal angels fixed on the bars. Your Angel pub reminded me.

  6. Interesting post as usual.
    The BUTTS bought back memories to me, my Nan lived in The Butts at Brentford, Middlesex.
    Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  7. I never went there but when I lived in Suffolk and joined the Woodland Trust they planted a tree for me in Hoggs Kiss Wood. Hopefully it is still growing well.
    Lovely to see Debenham again. Thanks for posting the photos.

  8. There's a pub in a village near near that's now community owned - it became regionally famous, is great, apparently, and does well. I say 'apparently' as I haven't been myself but, yes, it seems like it can be a great idea for villages.

  9. Aww ... Hoggs Kiss Wood, what a lovely name, and yes pigs do kiss it's very sweet to watch :-)

    It's a lovely area that you live in, but I never trust a ford ... you just don't know how deep they are!!

  10. Good village tour Sue - it looks a fascinating place but, like the villages up here, all built long before cars so no garages and the sides of the road thick with parked cars every evening and weekend.

  11. You have such wonderful history in your part of the world - not somewhere I have yet to spend any time in.

  12. I love the wet roads website. There are even five star fords...who would have thunk it

  13. Thanks for more photos of Debenham. The park looks good. I feel like crawling thru my cell phone and being there right now. I'll bring my passport with me😂 . 2 feet of water isn't much. Deeper rivers elsewhere though. Have a good day!!

  14. What a lovely place! Thank you for the tour.

  15. You have some wonderful pictures here! Debenham is a beautiful town with such classic buildings. The park looks very nice too, like a relaxing place to spend a little time. Thank you for showing more pictures.

  16. What a lovely looking place. Thank you for sharing. Arilx

  17. It is so exciting to explore new areas. I have really enjoyed seeing the photos. x

  18. I love the names of the roads. How curious about the history.

  19. Thanks for the photos. If I ever return to the U.K. I would love to spend time in East Anglia - an area I don't know. It is getting less likely now with Covid so I really enjoy looking at photos.

  20. I love the names of the streets and roads. So interesting.

    God bless.

  21. Debenham is a pretty place. I love watching Lovejoy, just to spot places I know around Suffolk. Love seeing the Butt & Oyster and Hintlesham Hall on there. I think I'm right in saying they filmed in Debenham quite a bit too.

    Hope you can move on the tentative date. Hold ups are no fun and not helpful!

  22. There is an area in Reading town centre called the Butts and also a pub called the the Butt Inn hear where we are moored. Both the areas are named for the archery butts that used to be there.

  23. A community owned pub - does that really work? Or would it be taking civic responsibility too far to have to frequent it too often? I would love to see what the inside of that building looks like - I immediately thought it looked like a bank. I bet it has wonderfully high ceilings. Now I'm off to look up the "The Ancient Order of Foresters."