Friday, 12 March 2021

What to Write About?

Thank you to everyone for comments and sympathy. I promise not to moan about house move hassles ever again!.............unless................

I still haven't come up with any bright ideas for blog post topics so just a little local news gleaned from the local facebook page who took it from the East Anglian Daily Times who got it from the last  District Council meeting.

"A sum of £239,000 was granted to  **********  Health Centre for an extension that will accommodate new clinical space, improved car parking and a new waiting room.

The centre, which serves around 8,000 people in the nearby communities, will allow additional services to be carried out such as ultrasound, physiotherapy, clinical pharmacists, phlebotomy, chiropody clinics and mental health support services.

It is hoped hospital outpatient clinics can also be carried out there." 

This is good news as it's in the village that I'm about to move to and the doctors I've been registered with for the last 4 years .............

 Although they are already short of Doctors/ Nurses/Pharmacists, so it might be all talk and good intentions.

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  1. The word 'phlebotomy' has always fascinated me. During the Watergate scandal, I remember hearing a news broadcast on the radio where they said President Nixon was suffering greatly from phlebitis. I thought he had flea-bites!

  2. Hah - it made ME think of frontal phlebotomy (I know should be labotomy!!) Great that the surgery will be better suited for the size of the village. We appear to have a good GP's surgery here though I've not stepped inside it yet, only ordered repeat prescsriptions and spoken to one of the Drs. Just two miles away too, like the garage, the vet and the shops here.

  3. That is good news if it does indeed happen. I read on other blogs about the reduced services at their surgeries and it must be worrying especially if they have heallth issues.

  4. Moan away - it can help to have a good mutter now and again!
    Good news - let's hope it comes to fruition.

  5. Good to read that you're finally in your 'home for now'. I've not properly been at home for 4 months and I can still find things to blog about and I'm sure you will too :) Enjoy the rest before the next move. Good news about the health centre extension although I bet that £239,000 won't go far these days. xx

  6. Always very good to have medical facilities nearby. Hopefully it will all come to fruition. Enjoy being in your holiday home. A bit of R&R before the next move is important.

  7. Don't worry about having nothing to say.
    You always manage to find something interesting to tell us.

  8. It's not always easy for people to get to a hospital for appointments, especially in rural areas, so the new facilities will be very welcome. I hope they do come about. Oh, and if you want to moan about anything - we're here to listen and sympathise! xx

  9. That is wonderful news to hear of the improvements to the medical facility in the town where you will be living. Added services can mean less driving for medical tests, always a good thing! You are a wonderful blogger and I think anything you write will be appreciated by your many followers.

  10. Expanding services is always a great idea. I am glad that your village will be getting more services.

    God bless.

  11. Maybe you could take some photos of your temporary home and let us be able to picture you there.

    That sounds like a really good addition to the medical practice and something along the lines of what we have here in my new town.

  12. That IS good news, especially since it's your new neighborhood!