Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Courgette Recipes

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 When I wrote about the tip for getting  Basil cuttings to root in water, I mentioned making pesto to use in a recipe called Courgette Crumble and Ang asked for more details.

So I'll start with the Crumble Recipe (you can see I've had this a while as it was cut from the Somerfield Magazine, and Somerfield disappeared years ago). When the children were at home I would serve this up with chips to persuade them to eat it! 

I don't use Parmesan either in the home made Pesto or in the crumble topping but just some grated cheddar instead and I use a bit of garlic from a tube rather than fresh as I don't eat enough of it to make it worthwhile buying or growing.It doesn't need the salt. Pine nuts are very expensive but I use them when I make the spinach and ricotta lasagne so buy a small bag for that, wrap up the remainder tight and peg closed and store in a tub in the fridge. I think years ago I just went without.
42p  per portion back then.....How much now?

Hadn't actually made Courgette Crumble for a while but with the basil growing so I could make a tablespoon of pesto and with an overload of courgettes I made a small crumble at the weekend and just like years ago I served it up with chips but mine were a handful of  Mixed Vegetable Fries which I discovered in Morrisons freezers a while back.

 And then other idea is Courgette Fritters

For one person I used 1 courgette, grated and squeezed as dry as possible, handful of frozen peas - defrosted. Mixed with a a tablespoon of flour, half teaspoon baking powder (not sure that's necessary) a small egg, small pinch salt and good amount of black pepper and half a teaspoon whichever seasoning you fancy - the recipe says cumin, but I used curry powder.

Drop spoons full into hot oil in frying pan and press down, turn over when browned. For a different version of most fritter type recipes some grated cheese can be added but I didn't this time  but I served up mine with a couple of rashers of bacon and some tomato ketchup.

That's a few less courgettes to give  away or compost!

I've added the recipes to the Recipe Page

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  1. Thanks, Sue. I will need courgette recipes soon, I expect. :-)

  2. Thanks Sue - my courgette crop is coming along nicely too

  3. The courgette crumble looks really tasty, just don't know what my girls would make of it! Although your tip of serving with chips would probably work.

  4. Although the flavour is not as piquant you can use any nuts or sunflower seeds when making pesto. We use walnuts (on special days) to make a parsley pesto, but most of the time sunflower seeds do the job.

  5. I make courgette chutney It's delicious and keeps well.
    Pine nuts I store in a bag in the freezer and just take out a spoonful when I need them. Never had a problem with them going off.

    1. I should add that I don't do the roasting and grinding of the whole spices in the chutney recipe - too lazy. The regular ground stuff has always produced a delicious result.

  6. The courgette crumble looks good, I'll try that. We're having courgettes almost daily now.

  7. Great ideas for courgettes - I used to grate mine into chocolate cakes. Or make Chutney, when I had a glut (e.g. annually!)

  8. They look delicious!! I never seem to have luck growing courgettes and definitely never seem to have a glut to use up!

  9. We love courgette fritters. I use a Nigella recipe using feta and mint. Still waiting for ours to grow big enough to harvest.

  10. So useful to have some different courgette recipes, thank you
    Alison in Wales

  11. I tried to make the fritters in the air fryer last weekend. I don't think they were seasoned properly (although I did follow the recipe). We eat them stuffed during the summer, with a variety of different stuffing. I fry them with peppers and onions and melt a bit of cheese over them as a side dish. I make 'eggplant' parmesan, replacing the eggplant with courgette. I alway grind several bags in the food processer. Drain it. Put it in bags and tuck it in the freezer. It is good to add to soups or to make zucchini bread.

  12. I had to look up what a courgette was. Zucchini or squash over here. Now I get why you need recipes. I too try to fix zucchini in multiple ways.

  13. These recipes sound delicious. Anything that cooks up easily is my kind of cooking.

  14. Courgette fritters are delicious aren't they, we also like courgette chips but I rarely deep fry anything these days so we haven't had them for a while.

  15. Wow, is that bacon? It looks like ham! Another nomenclature difference to find out about.