Saturday, 2 July 2022

Saturday 2nd July

 Am I getting too predictable?

On the last day of the month I round up the frugal stuff, on the first day of the month I find some folklore bits, on Saturdays I look back at the week and on Sundays I have a day my blog getting too boring?

Oh well.........carry on regardless.........................

This week has gone by in a flash because after a couple of uneventful weeks suddenly everything happens. Out to a WI quiz and Over 60's meeting (more about both those next week),  Nanna duty x 2, shopping and I should have been picking up about 16 reserved books from the mobile library van BUT had a phone call to say the van wouldn't be round......aaaagh......tragedy!  
They missed last time due to the Queen's Bank Holiday so there will be 12 weeks of reservations to collect in 4 weeks time! And I'm 'reduced' to reading from my shelves for even longer.
Luckily I have the first seven in The Isabel Dalhousie Sunday Philosophy Club series by Alexander McCall Smith sitting on my shelves ready for just such an event. I tried the first one way, way back just to see if I liked them and then picked up more from charity shops etc. Plus I have those books of country writing from the boot-sale that I mentioned a few weeks ago and a couple of hundred others that could be re-read.
 Another thing that has made the days fly past is watching all the tennis from Wimbledon, there have been some really good matches and this year they have all the courts on the iplayer via red button, so lots of choice to watch. Such a shame that some players have had to pull out due to Covid - it's still around. So far I've managed to avoid watching Djokovic!

This Greater Spotted Woodpecker was good to see on the peanut feeder - first one since moving here although we saw them all the time at the smallholding and now and again at Clay Cottage. He insisted on being round the back of the feeder so the photo is just a glimpse!

Remember that tin of very out of date Home-Cook Marmalade that I picked up for 50p at a boot-sale? I opened it, but it was completely solid and didn't smell right at all so it went in the compost bin.  8 years was definitely too long.....50p wasted.

Thursday evening and I watched a new drama on Channel 4 - all about GCHQ and cyber crime crisis, politics and and COBR ( have to say I'd never really thought about what that stands for but I assumed it was something more interesting than Cabinet Office Briefing Room!)

This weekend there's village garage/yard sales not far away on Saturday afternoon so I may go and look and more tennis on TV to watch of course and for a reason I didn't hear, they are playing on the middle Sunday too - usually only used for tennis when the weather has been awful.

This week I'm grateful for
  • Nice family gathering at my Sister and Brother-in-Laws house despite the people missing due to Covid.
  • Always something to read
  • Never being bored
 Hope you all have a good weekend, whatever your plans and I'll be back Monday.


  1. I love the pic of the woodpecker, it looks like he's hiding!

  2. Answering that first bit before reading the rest. Your blog is never, ever boring . . . so there!
    Now to read the rest . . .
    How annoying about the library van - it must be frustrating to know you have all those books and you can't get your hands on them.

    Enjoy the tennis. xx

  3. Oh no about the Library van. You are going to be inundated next time, that's for sure! Your blog is never boring and I always look forward to it.

    Gritting teefs though, after you wrote of yard sales/car boot sales "not far away" - our nearest is Clyro, and we keep missing it because it clashes with something else. I shall miss it again tomorrow (it's only once a month) as I am doing a Fair we used to do regularly back in Carms. Some cash coming IN for a change would NOT go amiss.

    When I have food in the bird feeders, there are always GSW's out there. When I fed all through last summer, they bought a fat scruffy baby along too!

  4. I'll add my appreciation too. Your blog is never boring. I look forward to reading over breakfast. I marvel at your discipline in doing it so regularly, and for continually finding interesting things to write about.
    Well done for avoiding Djokovic so far. Should be some cracking matches coming up. Sinner and Alcaraz is one I'm really looking forward to. Great how they are both adapting to grass. Even as Rafa's greatest fan I can say that Alcaraz is better than he was at the same age and has the potential (subject to injuries) to achieve even more.
    We have a juvenile GSW visiting at the moment. Lovely to see, just wish he would stop practising his pecking on the branch that holds the feeder 🙄

  5. I agree with everyone else your blog is never boring and it is always the first I read each day. I have picked up loads of gardening and household tips from you and also books to read. I love the photo of the woodpecker. Two Brits through to the 4th round will there be another two by the end of today??

  6. It's nice to have a blog routine, knowing what come next. I love the balance of your posts.

  7. Please don’t change anything- we love you (and it) the way you are

  8. At least with the woodpecker that way round you get his red bits.

  9. Never boring, first blog I read each morning. Youngest has just been busy making your cappuccino squares.

  10. Agree with poppypatchwork your blog posts are nicely balanced .
    Shame about the marmalade
    It's a skill 'never being bored' - if ever I find myself using the b word I bring myself up sharp 😄

  11. Sorry , above comment from
    Alison in Wales

  12. I like your blog, Sue, so keep up the good work! :)
    I love reading, also, and am working through my library's selection of Peter Lovesey books. I like mystery/detective stories and I'm enjoying these. Have you read him?
    Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday!

  13. Your blog is never boring, I’ve used lots of your recipes and do admire your discipline of writing 6 days a week. I live alone but never bored but perhaps my grasshopper brain should concentrate on one thing at a time, lots of unfinished projects here. Sarah Browne.

  14. Your blog is just fine, a wonderful glimpse into your day in a different part of the world.

  15. I love reading your blog. There's always a good variety on it and I love hearing about what's going on around you. Yikes on the library van. That's a long time inbetween!

  16. I also love your blog as well as the exchange with you and your followers. Always interesting. Many thanks to you! It is good that you have a good collection of books on hand and this will carry you nicely until the library delivery comes through. The Red Spotted Woodpecker is a handsome bird and I had no idea that woodpeckers liked peanuts. I've only seen them pecking at trees to eat insects.

  17. I love your blog just the way it is. Glad you are getting plenty of time with family.

  18. I like your blog just as it is. Especially the fact that it is quite predictable, but it is always interesting. I like to learn about normal, daily life in foreign countries, and your blog is one of the best for this!
    Hilde in Germany

  19. I have spent so much time watching Wimbledon this week. Sad that Murray didn't make it further than 2nd round. Amazed and delighted that so many Brits did make it to the 3rd round. Disgusted with the behaviour of Kyrios.

  20. Like so many others I love your blog and reading it is an especially nice part of my day.

  21. You are so fortunate to have the GSWs visiting. We used to have them regularly, many years ago, but do not think I have seen one for 3 or 4 years.

    And your blog is lovely, just the way it is. Never forget it is YOUR blog and you can do whatever you like with it 🤗

  22. Dear Sue, I never find your blogs boring! Sometimes predictability breeds familiarity, but that often leads to comfortable contentment as we feel more at home with what we are familiar with. So keep blogging how you like :)
    We have been watching a lot of Wimbledon as well, but not live. It comes on during the night so we settle with watching highlights and replays the next day.

  23. It depends who you are writing your blog for, yourself or to entertain others. Whatever you do should make you happy.

  24. Your posts are never boring, in fact I bet the regularity of some of the posts form a backbone to the month for some of your readers and an expectation from others ... but NEVER boring.