Tuesday, 1 January 2019


Thank you to everyone for all the lovely kind comments yesterday, I was in tears reading (which is why I couldn't reply to them) but the tears were in a good way and they made me change the post I'd written for today because it was mainly looking back and there is no point in doing that so I deleted it all and started again...........

.........With a  lovely illustration from "An Illustrated Country Year"by Celia Lewis and  a "first of the month" Folklore post

 The Anglo Saxons called the first month of the year Wulfmonath, the month when wolves would be hunting for food. Difficult to imagine that wolves roamed the woods and forests of England back in the 6th Century.

January is always colder than December because

As the day lengthens, so the cold strengthens

Farmers don't want a warm January
                                                    A January spring is good for nothing
The Grass that grows in Janiveer
Grows no more all year

I think this is definitely wrong as we do get days more than  6℃ in January which is said to be the temperature at which some grasses will grow. Thank goodness low light levels means that grass grows so slowly it doesn't need cutting all through the winter.

I don't know if bell ringers still ring in the New Year in parish churches?

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty night:
The year is dying in the night
Ring out wild bells and let him die

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow;
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson.              

An old rhyme suggests an indication of weather to come depending on the wind direction.......

If New Year' Eve night wind blow south,
It betokeneth warmth and growth,
If west, much milk and fish in the sea;
if north, much cold and storms they'll be;
If east, the trees will bear much fruit;
If north-east, flee it man and brute. 

Did anyone notice which way the wind blew last night? 

January 1st  became a Public Holiday in England in 1974, mainly because of all the absenteeism due to people staying up far too late and drinking too much.
Hope everyone reading this didn't!

I have no idea what this year will bring but I guess we'll all find out in due course.

Happy New Year Images 2019 - Happy New Year 2019

Thanks again for those comments yesterday, I love that my blog is the first some people read and also love to have comments from people who have never commented before and from people who have become blog friends over the years and Good wishes to Hazelc for her son. It's blogging and kind comments that have kept me going through the months since May.

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  1. The wind was light and from the west and is today moving round to west north west and finishing north as the temperature turns colder. It is currently 8C. Have a good day.

  2. Morning Sue and happy new year to you. We saw the new year in with friends, standing in their garden watching fireworks coming from the nearby village, and listening to the church bells which were indeed ringing in the new year here. I'm sorry to say I didn't read your blog post yesterday, somehow I missed it, but have just gone back and read it - a lovely review of the year. The thing that has always shone out for me when reading your posts through Col's illness and passing away, has been your pragmatic and positive nature - you just get on with things, but have never been afraid to let your guard down and show sorrow sometimes. You've been such an inspiration to me, Sue, and I thank you for that.

  3. January, as the name suggests, is both a time for looking back and looking forward. I think it's hard to look forward until one yhas looked back and picked out the important factors.

    I love your blog and am always so pleased when my 'list' shows a new post. Thank you for being you with all that it means to us, your readers.

    And here's to a positive year.

  4. Happy New Year to you Sue. I missed reading your post yesterday as I was tired after emptying our Unit, but you did a very good round-up. I admire the courage and fortitude you have shown following Colin's death and I hope that 2019 will be a good year for you, with the grandchildren bringing you much joy.

  5. On New Year's Eve 1999 we had a New Millennium Eve party in my village. Someone asked if the church bells would be rung (our belles were very simple) and I said only if someone would work a bellrope. So off we all went to church where we lit sparklers and drank champagne as everyone had a go on the bells.

  6. Hi Sue, I often read your blog but have never commented before so think it's time to make myself known. I was born in a Derbyshire but have lived in Barcelona for the last 30 years. I love reading your blog and remembering how my life used to be living in the countryside. Sorry you've had such a sad and difficult year with the loss of Colin. A big hug and wishing you all the very best for 2019!Diana

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR Sue to you and your family. I hope it's going to be a peaceful one for everyone and people are kind to everyone. (Thank you Sue).
    Love Hazel c uk

    1. I loved the Deer in the Sikver Birch trees. I
      Hazel c uk

  8. I love blog land is a huge family, we all share together. I love your information posts, these are the things we should never forget.

  9. Happy New Year!
    I hope you are managing to fight off that cold. I watched the Dambuster's film yesterday, thought of you watching all those old movies!

  10. Happy New Year Sue.
    I don't think you appreciate how much your blog helps other people.
    I agree with every word that Angela wrote yesterday and would add that many people gain strength from how you have fought your way through the last year.
    That strength has even been enough to let us know some of the rawness of bereavement.
    Thank you. Sue

  11. Happy New Year, Sue, and looking forward is good. I love that illustration of the deer in the birch trees-it’s so atmospheric. Today we will have warm home, enough home made food and books aplenty to read. I’m happy in my own space and may go for a walk shortly as the winter sun is shining in a clear blue sky. X

  12. happy new year to you and your lovely family, i read your blog everyday, i love it, it's so interesting, love to you all xx

  13. Happy New Year Sue. May this year bring you everything you need, want and deserve. Peace, friendship and happiness.

    Let's make it a good year ♥️

  14. To quote Ernest Hemingway: "Courage is grace under pressure." All that and more you have displayed this past year. May you go forth in 2019 with courage...and with your sense of humour intact. Both needed in equal measure, I think.

  15. I particularly like this month’s Celia Lewis illustration with the birch trees.

  16. I always read your blog, though I don't comment, but I really admire how you have got on with life, and wish you well for 2019

  17. Wishing you a contented and peaceful year ahead. I don't often comment but I love reading your blog. Thank you x

  18. Happy New Year Sue. What a beautiful illustration, I know Christmas is just passed, but wouldn't it make a lovely Christmas card.

  19. Happy New Year. May the year be a joyful one for you. Enjoy your posts.

  20. As another who reads your blog first thing every day, Happy New Year, Sue! To you and your whole family, may 2019 bring many moments of joy.

  21. New Year, new beginnings - will both get our heads down and move forward Sue. There isno alternative so we have to get on with it don't we. A very good new year to you.

  22. I "gave up" blogging sometimes ago, but I still read yours, most days and if not every couple and I catch up on your news. I am glad you are here, I might not always comment, but I enjoy reading what you have shared, and it has made me think that perhaps I need to return and just keep on going. Happy 2019 to you and may it bring many good things your way. Thank you for keeping blogging, it means a lot to me!

  23. Sending good wishes to you and your family for a Happy New Year

  24. Good wishes to you Sue. Onward and upward in 2019!

  25. I missed your post yesterday but im glad your mood lifted. Non of us know what the future holds we just have to learn to roll with the punches and keep ourselves fit etc. Happy 2019 to you and yours.

  26. Happy New Year Sue. I love that picture of the deer. It is striking and would look good framed. This is a day to reflect on the past and the future. Your blog helps me in many ways as you have such a wise and steady approach to life. I hope your cold is better.

  27. Happy new year Sue. Hope the coming year gives you some peace and happiness. The picture of the deer is very similar to the picture I took from our cabin at our GD's wedding in October. It is on my blog, October the 8th, if you want to take a peek.

  28. Happy New Year Sue. As a fellow lover of folklore these posts always bring me great pleasure.

  29. What a wonderful picture! There is a small stand of trees near us that has this exact same "look" on a winter's day near dusk. It's amazing to me what an artist can convey without using a lot of detail in his or her work.

    Here's to a new year, moving forward while remembering the best of the past. Best wishes, Sue.

  30. My very best wishes for the New Year, Sue. X

  31. Happy New Year, Sue, from a sultry Sydney where I can hear cicadas outside right now. The wind report here won't be any use from a folkloric point of view! In fact I'd be surprised if there are many observations that hold true for such a new-ish place and couldn't imagine there'd be enough to fill a book like yours. Like this new year, I just have to take each day as it comes and hope for the best.

  32. Happy New Year from Oregon where it was chilly this a.m. and saw the sun behind the fog! Cold nights to freezing! Yes, January is colder here too. I enjoy reading the folklore you share! May your year be blessed in many ways!