Wednesday, 29 May 2019

An Art Exhibition

 Had a short wander around the Stowmarket Art Club Annual Art Show last Saturday

(looks like someone got the dates wrong)
 It was in the URC church

   the light was reflecting on the paintings a bit too much for good photos.
Didn't notice any red dots for sold paintings.

All visitors were given a slip of paper to vote for their favourite.

Without knowing who it was by (didn't have my glasses on) I choose the one below (some were quite honestly awful! - not that I could do any better but..........) I think I'm a bit boring when it comes to which art I like.

When I looked to see who the artist was I discovered it was a local man.......... Brian Lilley. I have one of his early paintings  - found at the big Lowestoft car boot sale several years ago.

I paid £2 or £3 - un-framed. I took it to a framers who also do Mr Lilley's framing for him and they asked him if he knew how long ago he had painted it - he thought probably way back in the late 70's or early 80's when he was still an insurance man for the area in which we then lived and where I now live again. The painting at the Art Show was a lot bigger than mine and for sale for £250. 

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  1. That's the sort of style I like too. Very evocative.

  2. There you go, you clearly likes what you see and see what you likes!

  3. I like the one you voted on too. It is good that you went to the show to show support for local artists.

  4. Of course, I would have been drawn to the horse paintings on the right - the plough horses have lots of energy and the dark brown horse head next to them looks good too. Art is so individual though - Keith and I have totally different tastes!

  5. Local art shows, an institution of the good, the bad and the downright indifferent, and then up pops a gem that you hope hasn't sold!

  6. Local art shows can be very mixed but it is lovely that people have a go. Some very famous artists only began doing a little at a local class or are self taught and not art school trained. I do find though that the prices charged at these local events can be very variable with someone who clearly has little talent charging the same prices as someone who produces excellent work!

  7. The picture you chose would probably have been my choice, too!

  8. I love that last one. Is it the one you own?

  9. Our annual art exhibition is in July. We have found over the last couple of years there are fewer purchases of the art. Austerity bites everywhere.

  10. I would have voted for that art work as well.

    God bless.