Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Lincoln Castle

We spent a morning at Lincoln Castle. Another place difficult to photograph all at once.  Son and DiL loaded Willow into the carrier so we could walk all around the walls.
So most of the photos are taken at various places around the wall walk.

The 3 Cathedral towers in the background and the courthouse in the castle grounds

Prison vans arriving from Lincoln Prison with prisoners who will be going to be tried in the Crown  Court. I wonder if it's the only courthouse in the UK which is in buildings inside castle walls?
This is the Victorian prison now a museum
This strange structure houses the lift to take people up to the level of the Wall Walk. I walked up the stairs!

This photo is for Rachel in Norfolk - the rooftops of Lincoln
All around the wall walk were these board showing the history of the castle
Willow in the carrier telling her Daddy which way to go
Another information board - they didn't photograph very well

Model of the castle

I didn't  take as many photos as I could have done so more photos and information HERE.

I've found Country Days and Cottage Days blog has gone private ........Rustic Pumpkin - let me in please!!

Thanks to everyone for comments about the Cathedral and apologies for running out of steam for replying. Information about the imp we forgot to look for is HERE

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  1. I LOVE the rooftops photo in particular.

  2. Oh yes Sue, they are my sort of roofs. Just the view I would draw. Thank you. Interesting Crown Court too.

  3. A very interesting post Sue. I love the photo of Willow reminds me of the little girl in the AA advert she always makes me smile.
    It looks like we are having a very wet day here.
    Hazel c uk

  4. A place I have been to many times so it was a joy to see the familiar buildings. It is a wonderful venue for the Christmas market, with a amazing atmosphere.

  5. There are some wonderful views from the castle walls, and guess what, I paid to go in, ha ha.

  6. Walking the wall walk was a great idea to capture the size of the place. Great photos and thanks for taking me along.

  7. Thanks for sharing yur trip. It has been so interesting to read and see photos in all the posts.

  8. I love red roof tops - everything is granite grey here in West Yorkshire.

  9. What an interesting look at the castle. I love the photo of the rooftops.

  10. The roof top photo is awesome.

    God bless.

  11. Gosh, Willow is like her Daddy :-)

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