Thursday, 9 May 2019

Wartime at The Middy

Living just across the fields from a heritage railway, holding their annual wartime event with half price entry for locals there is really no excuse for not walking down to have a look. Although I think it was rather a waste of a fiver and need you to remind me not to bother next year!

There wasn't much happening, hardly any stalls certainly  less there than 2 years ago although they had found a air raid siren and sound recording of planes attacking and ack-ack and the "home guard" did some shooting at the imaginary planes.

I looked round at what was there, took some photos then the battery went flat on the camera so I walked home again. Ho Hum.

 I'm counting my £5 as a donation to a local charity and just calling it a good walk on a chilly day!

This is the little shunter called Serapite. It usually lives at The Long Shop Museum in Leiston, where it only has a short bit of track to run on so here it gets to show off on quarter of a mile!
 The "Home Guard" doing a spot of marching drill.

Later after I was home again a Spitfire from the RAF Memorial Flight did it's flypast over my house and the museum. 2 circuits and off back to it's home in RAF Conningsby (which I photographed from the top of Tattershall Castle last week). On Bank Holiday Monday an old Bomber based at Conningsby should have done a flypast but I didn't hear it.

I  asked when they will be laying the rails to extend for another quarter of a mile but as it's going to be done mainly by the volunteers they are just hoping the work will be done sometime in the next two years!

Don't think I'll bother to visit again this year.

Back Tomorrow


  1. Replies
    1. im beginning to think we should book an appointment and see if theyre any good at garden chores

    2. Already deleted it once today!

    3. I clicked on one of the links by accident when I was deleting it from my comments the other day ... but I really wasn't tempted by what I saw!!

    4. Whoops - I shan't be tempted to try!

  2. What a shame - it could be so good too. Maybe next year will be better as sometimes happens after a poor one

    1. Everything being organised by a load of old men volunteers doesn't help!

  3. They might have got a little bit more money if they had just done it
    as a donation, it's a lot of money if it is a family group.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Some of these events advertised can be hit and miss and you can never rely on them being the same or better the folowing year. We have been disappointed once or twice with the open gardens when one year one of the group village gardens had decreased to only 6 from about 15 or more and for a dearer entry price.

    1. I just picked up a leaflet about gardens open in aid of the Hospice - hope to get to look at a few around

  5. At least you got a nice little walk in.

    God bless.

  6. I am sure Corporal Jones was in that line up!

  7. I love seeing the old trains. It is too bad they didn't have more activities as that could be a good fundraiser.

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