Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Car Boot Selling and Buying

The boxes of unwanted things came out of the cupboard-under-the-stairs, went in the car on Saturday afternoon so that Sunday morning after making a flask and a snack, I could head off to the local boot sale at Stonham Barns Events Centre which is just 5 miles from me down country roads.

This is an aerial view from their website, as you can see it's not a huge boot-sale and has the added benefit of not starting too early and only charging £5 per car.

Stonham Barns Car Boot | Stonham Barns

I got there just before 7am and soon unloaded. The jigsaw puzzles that I'd done over autumn and winter soon sold and someone bought a huge box of all my crafting bits all at once.
There were several things that had been in the caravan to clear as well as bits and bobs from the kitchen. I didn't bother to take many books, they don't sell well anymore.

There are two lots of people who sell at boot sales. Some go every week and charge higher prices,  and then people like me who do a clear out once or twice a year and just want rid, so sell for whatever we can get.

Son and DiL and Willow popped over to have a look round ( they found a lovely little wooden chair for Willow) and to let me zoom round a few stalls. I just found a new wash-bag for £1 and a the last big flower pot I needed for the greenhouse - cost me £2 but still cheaper than new.

Just before noon it began to spit with rain and everyone started to pack up very quickly. There wasn't much rain but by the time it stopped everyone had cleared away, including me and I was home before half past twelve.
(We had really good rain later at home........ several hours of steady stuff just right for the plants)

After I'd packed my left-overs in the car I dashed  across to the cake stall and bagged myself one of their delicious looking cake slices - a treat for Sunday tea.

I came home with lots of coins and a few notes so I was very pleased.(Details will be in the  end-of-the-month financial round up!)

Back Tomorrow


  1. Good job on the car boot sale. I wish we had them here in the states.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Teresa, I live in Florida and several small cities have community garage sales. You don't have those?

  2. £2 for a plant pot is great - they can be so very expensive. Well done for doing so well!

  3. Pleased you had a good time and sold lots of goodies and the plant pot was a bargain, nice you had some help with the family and Willow was luckily.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Good for you, getting rid of unwanted stuff, making a few pounds and having an enjoyable morning. I say this all the time but I do wish they had them here.

  5. Yes, although we sometimes seem to do lots of car boot sales we do price to sell, not to make a fortune. I would rather go home with an empty car than keep bringing stuff back month after month waiting for something to sell at a higher price

    Our local car boots also charge just £5 per car. One of them tried to raise it to £10 last year ... no cars turned up to sell so they quickly reverted to a fiver for the next month sale.

  6. We did two back-to-back ones last weekend and did well - clearout of old stock mainly, plus stuff we no longer need. We'll do some more through the summer.

    I'm glad you got rid of your extra stuff and got some money for the coffers too.

  7. Looks like just the right size of car boot sale. Enough to be interesting, but not so much that you are overwhelmed and give up.

  8. I'm just back from my England trip. Loved every minute of it but so busy catching up with loved ones didn't have much time to wander and just poke about. I would have loved to have come to your car boot sale. Not a thing in our area but they should be in my humble opinion.

  9. We're is this boot sale plz

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