Friday, 24 May 2019

Will Month

Went and made a new will yesterday but I didn't pay the solicitor. Instead I made a donation to the St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich.

A couple of charities (I think Age UK and many hospices) do this, you have to book up in advance as the solicitors who volunteer to give up their fees only have a limited amount of spaces available. Where I went today they gave 5 appointments for wills to be made in May and I put my name down in early April and took the 4th space.

Didn't take long to go through a questionnaire because I'm doing something very straightforward, then they draw up the will and send it through for me to read and then I go back to sign.

Job Done

Back Tomorrow


  1. Sounds sensible, I have still to make one, free will kits are on every charity offer, but somehow I feel the solicitors lose out..

  2. We made one in 2005/2006 before we moved to Wales. Can't remember why as ours is quite straight-forward with only having one daughter. I think it cost about £300 at that time. We then up-dated it when our first grand-daughter was born in 2010. Can't remember how much that cost. Then another up-date, again in Wales, when we were contacted by our solicitor to change some wording on the will so that we could avoid having to pay full cost for care home fees, if and when the need arose. Now we can rest easy that we have done all that we can do to make sure our daughter gets her rightful inheritance. Sounds grand doesn't it? But why should the government get the benefit of our assets we have worked hard for, leaving our daughter with a fraction?

    Everyone should make a will.

  3. After the daylight robbery of probate I think anyone would be happier giving their money to a charity rather than line the pockets of a solicitor!

  4. Solicitors are a godsend to many family probates. A good tax solicitor is also a must for big estates. The scheme under which you made your will sounds a good one. My recent will change cost me considerably.

  5. I made by will a lot of years ago and update it a few years ago when the grandchildren were older.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hazel cuk
    Hazel c uk

  6. We did simple mirror wills with a respected online will generator. Quality is such that I wouldn't recommend it for anything complicated. Must get round to lodging them with Probate Registry.

  7. What a great way to do it, solicitors fees are so high.

  8. We have a will done by a solicitor, who was also a friend. She has moved on now. But you have nudged me to re look at it to see if it needs changing.

  9. What a brilliant idea - never heard of it before.