Thursday, 16 May 2019

Up and Down the Lane in May

It was a beautiful blue sky day when I took photos up and down the lane this week

From the road end of the lane, everything is looking very green and glorious. The only trees not yet in leaf are a couple of Ash on the left
The sky was so blue I just kept looking up. In one of the gardens at the road end of the lane is a Red Chestnut and a Scots Pine

And this big tree............ I have no idea what it is?

Honeysuckle on the hedge

A Walnut tree in the garden on the other side of the lane another beautiful colour against the sky

The plants my neighbour put in opposite her gateway are beginning to flower, I'm pleased that they are mainly native things like Foxglove, Red Campion

A few weeks ago a lady from UK Power Networks was round looking at which trees needed trimming away from the power lines. Then I came home from swimming last week and couldn't get home due to two trucks and the big tree-chopper-up thingy whose name I can't think off were in the lane. He said they'd taken bits off the oak out the back and a branch off the Turkey oak and were cutting this willow right down, heavens knows why, it only needed a couple of metres off the top to take it away from the power lines. It will grow back, but has left a gap.

From the house house end of the lane looking down to the road.

"My" Turkey Oak.
 I had to look it up when Mrs F (who we bought the house from) told me what it was, info  HERE

Turkey Oak, house and the lane

Looking down the meadow, the footpath is easy to cut with the ride-on mower. I wouldn't want to cut it with a push mower!

The Poplar trees, again the colour against the sky is wonderful.

I'm so lucky to have all this to enjoy every day.

BUT oh dear, this Ash is looking decidedly sad. It was alive last year and parts may still have leaves later in the spring but I think the majority of it looks very dead. I may have to get it cut down, it might be affected by the Ash Tree Die Back Disease that arrived in this country a few years ago.
Wood for the wood-burner if it does need removing

Back Tomorrow


  1. Morning Sue, beautiful photos of a beautiful area, you are indeed lucky to live there, it must make your heart sing every day.

  2. Same as Sooze - you cartainly do live in a lovely place! What a shame about the Ash though. xx

  3. A beautiful set of photos, Ash dieback is terrible, and no cure, it reminds me of the elm disaster.

  4. You are surrounded by beauty, such a delight to see those stunning trees.

  5. A lovely place to live. It's nice to have all the different greens to see.
    Hazel c uk

  6. I think that tree might be a goat willow. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  7. Ooh, your poor Ash is looking very sad ...but everything else is looking fantastic.

    We had a lot of our trees cut back by the power line guys the other week, and the farmer that owns the field opposite had lots of his trees and bushes chopped,trimmed and shredded by a team working on behalf of British Rail to keep the tracks clear, then a new fence was installed. Alan went over and had a word with them and they gave us all the logs and wood chip. So it's all being put to good use.

  8. Amazing what blue, blue skies and the fresh green of spring can do for the spirits. You are indeed fortunate to live in such a lovely location.

  9. There is a beetle that is killing off ash trees here. A very big one on the border between our property and the neighbours had to be taken down. He said we were welcome to the wood. You have lots of lovely trees to look at around your place. -Jenn

  10. Lovely, the skies so blue and the trees/grass so green. We are just starting to green up. The trees are beginning to bud and flower as well.

    God bless.

  11. You live in such a beautiful area! It is easy to see why you would want to stay there as long as possible.

  12. Sad to see the ash. I never knew about Turkey Oaks. Reading the info on the link, they appear to be a mixed blessing. The Victorian explorers who introduced so many non native plants to Britain have a lot to answer for! Thank you for all these beautiful tree photos

  13. Lovely trip down the lane. I refused to let the Electric company cut down any of my trees, they are not near the wire - yet - but they should not be cutting trees at this time disturbing nesting birds. Rant over!

    1. I think they are the only people allowed to do it this time of year - for safety as the static can jump from power lines.

  14. What beautiful photos. I enjoyed that walk down the lane. Trees are great.

  15. You really live in a lovely green area, so do we, in Oregon, USA - and I love it so much. I feel sorry for city dwellers that live in a concrete jungle. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. The lane is beautiful, Sue, so many different trees and how wonderful to have a meadow! I often see signs up saying 'Woodland for Sale' and think if only I could win the lottery, haha!

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