Sunday, 29 May 2022

An Extra Post to Answer Questions

 I often turn off the lap top early so miss lots of comments which is what happened on Friday on the Bury St Edmunds Cathedral post.

Here are some replies

 Bonnie said............. That is an amazing cathedral! I would love to hear that pipe organ. The lego copy is great too!

Someone was using the organ when I was looking round, I won't say playing it as they were doing some sort of scales. Playing very high notes and then I could hear someone say "Higher" and they would pull out some stops I guess and play an even higher note! 

Jackie said............What a lovely cathedral. The pipe organ, the ceiling, just perfect. Now I am wondering what you mean by no cities. Surely there is at least one??? Here in my province anything over 10K is considered a city.

To be a City in the UK you have to be given city status by a royal decree (or something similar) so No we really don't have any cities in the little county of Suffolk although we have a Cathedral and plenty of towns bigger than 10K. Norfolk next door has Norwich and Essex to the south has Chelmsford and to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee Colchester has just been given City status too. 

CLM at Staircase Wit said.......................The cathedral is beautiful! Thank you for all the photos. How far is this from where you live, Sue? When I think of Bury St. Edmunds I think of Norah Lofts - this article says her former home is the best house in town:

Bury St Edmunds is only about 25 minutes away from home now. I used to work in Bury St Edmunds Library when I first left school in 1971 and Norah Lofts was very well known in the town then. She always went by her proper name of Mrs Yorrich (not sure of the spelling!). She never came into the library herself but the lady who did all her research work for her was often in the Reference Library and would request all sorts of historical books to be borrowed from other libraries.I wonder if she ever dedicated any of her books to her helper who did so much of the work for her!!
This is Northgate House where she lived - big house but now on a very busy main road in the town

Susan said....................This cathedral is very beautiful. The ceiling, pews, stained glass and tile floor are amazing. The soaring ceilings and floor space make it one of the most spacious churches I've seen. I have to wonder if the church fills with parishioners on Sunday and do they have a devoted following? City center churches vs. country/rural churches are quite different. 

I'm not sure how many people would be at a normal daily service but it's always full for many events there.People go there from all over the County of Suffolk for special church occasions.


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  1. Regarding the organ bit, I suppose it can't be easy for organ students to get sufficient practise on the proper instrument. When I was at school, we were lucky to have two organs, one in the Whitla Hall (which did not double as a gym/sports hall) and one in the Chapel of Unity, both gifts at various times, so those having organ lessons could practise as well as having their lessons. xx

  2. Your answers to the questions are as interesting (and helpful) as the original post! Thanks ,Sue!

  3. Old architecture and churches are so beautiful. I wonder if there's any builders anywhere in the world today, constructing new buildings like this. I rather doubt it. Thank you for sharing with us, Sue. ~Andrea xoxo

  4. Thank you for taking the time to provide more background on the cathedral.
    Your posts are always of great interest to me. Have a nice weekend. Susan

  5. I have been to a couple of organ recitals in the cathedral. It was glorious.

  6. Thank you for your response Sue! Even though they were playing scales I imagine the tone of that pipe organ was clear and beautiful. I love your new header!

  7. In The Netherlands city rights are by royal decree. The Hague never received them, so it's a village, while the small community of Rhenen did receive them, and is a city!