Thursday, 19 May 2022

St George's Wyverstone

 Almost the last village listed on the Suffolk Churches website (only Yaxley and Yoxford after the W's)

St George's is in the small village of Wyverstone and part of the same benefice as Bacton and Cotton that I visited in March .

It's a tall, thin but small church with clerestory windows but no side aisles

The porch is wooden  and seems really old.

View down the nave and in this church the kneelers are all the same.

The most interesting thing here is the early 16th Century roodscreen. It looks a bit battered but according to the Suffolk Churches website it is the only rood-screen in-situ in Suffolk where the figures are carved in relief

One Stained Glass window dates from 1926 and is similar to many all round the country made by  William Glasby

A typical Church chest

There are just a few pieces of old stained glass remaining in this window
There are two sets of Royal Coats of Arms the first one was changed with the kings from Charles to George
and the second is richly carved for William III
The font is carved too
There are a few bits of faded glass left in one window. Dating back to Medieval times

It was several weeks ago in late April when I visited Wyverstone and found the lilac already in flower here, whereas my white lilac in the header didn't appear until two weeks later.

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  1. I love that old wood, both the porch and the rood screen. Lovely. Ditto the very old stained glass window. xx

  2. A lovely church with some beautiful artefacts, plus the lilac.

  3. Beautiful stained glass. Thanks for taking us with you.

  4. That stained glass window is magnificent, and on a whole much simpler level I love the floor tiles on the aisle.

  5. Your white lilac looks fabulous! I was disappointed that my lilac had no blooms this year. I must have trimmed it too late last year.

  6. That's a charming church. Looks to be well cared for.

  7. Thank you everyone for comments above. I've no more church visits in Drafts so will have to go out and about again soon

  8. The carving throughout this church and the tile in the isle is lovely. The very old wood porch entry seems unique and sets the church apart. The lilacs are in full bloom here too and your white lilac must have a nice scent as you walk by. I have no lilac on my property and yesterday I looked for a lilac. Unfortunately, none of the bushes had a scent and I want a scented lilac.

  9. The stained glass window is beautiful. They always add so much atmosphere to a church :)

  10. Lovely pictures, and commentary.

  11. What an interesting porch. Lovely photos as usual.

    God bless.

  12. Oh thanks for taking us along to visit this charming old church.

  13. This post has reminded me of a question I have. Some churches have a covered gate 'entrance' which is some distance from the church. IFor some reason, I was thinking that you'd photographed one. St Giles Church in Matlock has one. Do you know what the purpose of it is?